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5 Ways Marketing Leaders Can Use LinkedIn’s New Mentor Matching

By: Brie Rangel August 10th, 2017

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LinkedIn is in the midst of rolling out a Tinder-like feature specific to mentor-mentee matching -- but don’t get the wrong idea. This has inbound written all over it, and there’s a lot that marketing and sales leaders like you can do to take advantage of this new feature. Curious to find out how? Read on to find out how the mentoring feature works and how you can use it to your advantage.

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Video Marketing Linkedin Marketing

Getting Started with Video on LinkedIn. Here’s What You Need to Know.

By: Carolyn Edgecomb August 3rd, 2017

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Whether you’re trying to attract job applicants or looking for potential customers, LinkedIn is a becoming an even better social platform for companies each day.

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Linkedin Marketing Lead Nurturing

How to Use LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Ads to Get More Leads

By: Justine Timoteo March 14th, 2017

Blog Feature

In late 2016, LinkedIn announced that Sponsored InMail is now available to all advertisers. This ad format allows you to send personalized messages to a targeted audience within LinkedIn’s platform. So, B2B marketers, perk up -- this one’s for you. While traditional email marketing is still one of the most effective inbound strategies, it has become a saturated market where your message can get quickly lost in user inboxes.

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Lead Generation Community Management Linkedin Marketing

How to Use LinkedIn Groups for Lead Generation

By: Iris Hearn February 1st, 2017

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Every modern marketer knows the importance of having a social media presence for your brand and or B2B companies, LinkedIn may be the most effective platform for lead generation. Beyond sharing updates on your company page, there are also thousands of LinkedIn groups on a variety of topics where professionals go to gain industry insight and interact. These groups present a great opportunity for businesses to put themselves right in front of potential leads and engage with them directly. Unfortunately, far too many marketers neglect LinkedIn groups in their marketing strategy.

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Content Marketing Linkedin Marketing Medium Publishing

Do’s & Don’ts of Re-publishing Content on Medium or LinkedIn

By: Carolyn Edgecomb January 31st, 2017

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A lot of work goes into creating quality, educational content that earns your organization a high rank and drives traffic. So, why would you want to re-publish your articles on other platforms such as LinkedIn and Medium? While there are pros and cons to doing almost anything, sometimes, you need to take some risks to meet your objectives.

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Examples Linkedin Marketing

20 Examples of Powerful LinkedIn Company Pages

By: Carolyn Edgecomb July 25th, 2016

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While LinkedIn may be seen as a place for recent graduates and job seekers to identify potential job opportunities, it’s also a place for brands and businesses to actively engage. With over 433 million users (and growing!), having an active and optimized Company Page is essential. You won’t want to create your Company Page and then just forget about it.

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Lead Generation Paid Social B2B Marketing

How to Create a LinkedIn Sponsored Update Campaign (That'll Score More B2B Leads)

By: Ramona Sukhraj June 2nd, 2016

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According to LinkedIn, over one-third of the world's 600 million professionals are using their platform. That makes it the largest network of influential, affluent, and educated people on the planet -- and a great place to advertise a B2B brand. (Naturally.) Despite being one of the most powerful and popular social networks, LinkedIn still doesn't get as much attention from marketers, but that is quickly changing. 

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Paid Social Linkedin Marketing

Are LinkedIn Ads Really Worth Paying For?

By: Bob Ruffolo December 16th, 2015

Blog Feature

One aspect of LinkedIn marketing I’m asked about frequently is whether you should focus 100% on your organic reach or test LinkedIn paid ads. The official guide here will give you a better idea about the ads themselves, the amount of targeting you can do, and the cost of a basic campaign, so you can determine if they're really worth it for your organization.

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