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HubSpot Releasing Standalone CMS on Sept 5: Here's What You Need to Know

By: Carina Duffy on September 4th, 2018

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HubSpot officially announced last week that they'll be releasing their Content Management System (CMS) as a standalone product to all users on September 5. Up until this point, HubSpot has only offered their CMS as an add-on to the Marketing Hub tools, meaning you couldn't host your website or landing pages on HubSpot without being on at least the Marketing Basic package. Starting the 5th, you'll be able to purchase the CMS without needing any additional HubSpot subscription.

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8 Reasons Website Redesign Projects Go off the Rails

By: Joe Rinaldi on August 9th, 2018

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Have you tried a meal kit service like Always Fresh or Blue Apron? I’m not exactly Gordon Ramsay so I was a little hesitant and not quite sure what to expect when I tried Blue Apron for the first time. However, when the box arrived, any reservations I had were put to rest. All the ingredients were there and perfectly proportioned out. It was dummy proof! I remember thinking to myself “Why can’t cooking always be this easy?” There are always so many different mistakes that can make a meal can go from five-star cuisine to “toss this in the garbage, we’re getting McDonald's.” Redesigning your website can be a pretty similar experience to cooking. When all the proper prep work is done and the necessary steps are followed, the final product comes out great.

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5 Reasons Why 75% of the Websites We Build Are on HubSpot

By: Marc Amigone on July 10th, 2018

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At IMPACT, website redesign projects make up a big chunk of our business. From day one, designing and building websites has always been one of our core offerings. However, as design and technology trends have come and gone, our design and development teams have grown in scale and expertise by leaps and bounds, and our options for content management systems have grown as well. Over the years, we’ve settled on two platforms on which we build websites: HubSpot and Wordpress. Of the 50+ websites we build in a year, at least 75% of them are on HubSpot. Why? I’m so glad you asked! Here are the five main reasons we recommend HubSpot as our CMS of choice to our clients:

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