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Lead Generation Conversion Rate Optimization Examples

11 Great Lead Generating Homepage Examples [+VIDEO]

By: Justine Timoteo April 10th, 2018

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When people come to your website, oftentimes the first page they land on and see is your homepage. With 63% of marketers saying generating leads is one of their top challenges, you most definitely want to capitalize on this, one of the highest viewed pages of your site. Trying to determine what to include on the page can be overwhelming though. What should it say? What kind of features should it include?

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Conversion Rate Optimization Website Design

6 No-Word Persuasive Strategies to Keep People on Your Website [+ Examples]

By: Christine Austin March 8th, 2018

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Many feel the best user experience is one that naturally nurtures and converts users through content and design. We look for a balance that guides users to the places and actions we want, but once they are there, how do you persuade them to actually convert (without, ya know..stating the obvious)?

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Conversion Rate Optimization Landing Pages

What is a Good Landing Page Conversion Rate?

By: Christine Austin November 8th, 2017

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You're generating traffic and converting leads, but is it enough? While landing pages are easily the most important pages on your website (they're where you convey value, earn trust, and convert visitors into leads), marketers often struggle to understand their performance.

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Content Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization Inbound Success

"Conversion Rate Optimizing a Blog" (Inbound Success Podcast Ep. 4)

By: Kathleen Booth September 18th, 2017

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Sometimes the best inbound marketing campaigns don't look like campaigns at all. In this week's episode of The Inbound Success Podcast, I interview Bob Ruffolo, IMPACT's Founder and CEO and he's sharing the results that IMPACT achieved by applying conversion rate optimization principles to the company's own blog.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Website Copy

How To Stop Writing Sucky Copy (and Boost Conversions)

By: Kathleen Booth August 14th, 2017

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Content is at the heart of everything we do as marketers. Whether writing an email, creating a blog, developing the script for a video, or writing social media posts, at some point in our journey as marketers we sit down and write. Unfortunately, much of the time the stuff we write just plain sucks. I recently read the results of a survey by 4As that found only 4% of people believe marketers practice integrity. Do you know what that means? People don’t trust us.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies Website Design

HubSpot Website Redesign Improves UX, Increases Conversions

By: Vin Gaeta July 26th, 2017

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The Closet Works Inc. is a custom closet and organization solution company servicing the greater Philadelphia area.  While their team had no issue delivering value to their clients with their top-of-the-line, custom solutions, their website was still failing to engage website visitors and convert them into leads. It was time for a website redesign.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Marketing Events

15 Conversion Rate Optimization Lessons Learned From CXL Live 2017

By: Tom DiScipio April 28th, 2017

Blog Feature

3 weeks ago, myself and a few other IMPACTers attended CXL Live 2017, a 3-Day Growth & Conversion Conference, put on by Peep Laja, one of the world’s most recognized conversion optimizers, and his team at ConversionXL. As inbound marketing and sales folks, we found ourselves in a new, strange, and mysterious world. Instead of being surrounded mainly by Directors of Marketing / Sales, Marketing Coordinators, or Social Media Managers, we were amongst statisticians, quants, CROs (conversion rate optimizers), data analysts, growth hackers, experimenters, and people with the term “scientist” in their job titles. WTF... BUT, this is precisely why we chose to attend.

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Conversion Rate Optimization SaaS Marketing Customer Satisfaction

5 Ways to Convert Loyal Freemium & Trial Users Into Happy Paying Customers

By: Ramona Sukhraj March 15th, 2017

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Everyone loves free samples. Ice cream. Chocolate. Wine. Cheese. Whatever it is your company is giving away, chances are people will flock to wherever you are to eat it all up (literally AND figuratively.) It’s easy to get someone to want your sample (or in the case of SaaS companies, your freemium plan or free trial) when there’s no risk or loss, but getting someone to commit with a monthly price tag is a whole new ball game.

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