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6 Things Your Applications Need to Do to Get the Best Job Candidates

By: Natalie Davis June 18th, 2018

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Hiring is hard, partially because reviewing candidates is extremely hard.

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Copywriting Social Media Career

How to Write a Badass Professional Bio for Every Platform

By: Jason Rose June 18th, 2018

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Maybe you just got a snazzy new job or a big promotion. Or maybe you’re about boost your brand with a speaking gig or a blog contribution and your professional bio has gone the way of those tortilla chips in the back of the cabinet (a bit stale). Either way, it’s time to chain yourself to your keyboard and write something we all dread -- a professional bio. Writing about yourself isn’t easy. It’s a fine line between cocky and confident and you’re never quite sure when you’ve locked down the totality of your career and passions.

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10 Housekeeping Tips to Speed Up Your Marketing Routine

By: Tara Callinan June 13th, 2018

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The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing; so much so, a strategy you learn today might be totally irrelevant tomorrow.

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Website Development Career

Every Great Web Developer Has These 7 Characteristics [Interview]

By: Christine Austin June 8th, 2018

Blog Feature

Web developers can bring a range of talent to the table. Some deliver the technical know-how for creating a site while others are better at understanding the design and experience that needs to be created for a user. But your web developer can't just have a kick-ass portfolio. You need to dig deep and evaluate more than their skill set.

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7 Honest Things I've Learned in 7 Years at IMPACT

By: Vin Gaeta May 31st, 2018

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Taking time to reflect on your career path is important. Being able to look back on where you’ve been and the nuances of each step can seriously help you understand where you’re going, and even help you get there. When I took an internship on a whim 7 years ago, I didn’t know that I would be embarking on the most challenging, rewarding experience of my career, surrounded by some of the best people I know.

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Productivity Career

The Secret to Better Performance at Work & Home (They Won't Tell You) [TED Talk]

By: Ashleigh Respicio May 27th, 2018

Blog Feature

Throughout my life, I’ve measured my abilities based on my productivity -- and this has been both a blessing and a curse. Using productivity as a reflection of ability has led me to consume large amounts of articles, books, and videos on how to be a top performer. While one might assume achieving top performance has to do with how you acquire a skill (10,000 hrs), approach your work-life relationship (work hard to play hard), or how your days are spent (10+ hrs per day working), it’s actually quite the opposite.

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Leadership Career

Negative Feedback Sucks - But the Way You Give & Take it Doesn't Have To [+VIDEO]

By: Marc Gabriel Amigone April 5th, 2018

Blog Feature

Giving and receiving feedback -- when it comes to growing personally and professionally (and helping others do the same), there are few skills more vital to success. It’s also one of the most difficult things to do.

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