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By: Natalie Davis on January 13th, 2012

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Top 10 Reasons Every Small Business Should Be Blogging

Inbound Marketing | Blogging

BloggingBlogging is the most effective strategy applied by the inbound marketing experts. Having a blog for your company not only ensures more interaction with customers but also generates traffic and of course reputation. Most small business owners introduce blogging as it lessens marketing costs at a greater rate. However, blogging is a multidimensional platform for inbound marketing. If you want to see your small business popularized overnight, blogging can give an enormous amount of support. The following is a list of ten fundamental reasons why every small business owner and marketer should be blogging.

  1. SEO purposes: The most positive aspect of inbound marketing is that you literally do not have to spend any money for generating leads and obviously increase sales. In this regard, you are required to do some search engine optimization to your website. It is a simple process that can be boosted up by blogging. The more you post blog articles to your website consisting of the relevant keywords, the better SERP (search engine result page) you get. It is basically a strong part of on page SEO. U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray estimates that it costs $9 to generate each sale from direct mail marketing, $2 per banner ads, $1.18 for the yellow pages, $0.50 for e-mail and only $0.29 for search engine marketing efforts.

  2. Social Media Marketing: Targeting social media platform users requires a little work. By posting blog posts to your website and linking them to social media pages you can increase leads and generate sales at a higher speed, while also giving the search engines a reason to rank you well since social media websites are so well trusted by search engines, meaning any link you place will automatically be given at least some partial authenticity points and value points for search engines. In addition, it can literally boost your traffic unlike any other tool if you can do it correctly.

  3. Generating Leads and Sales: If you are asked why you’re targeting people for your small business, the obvious answer would definitely be ‘generating leads and turning them into sales’. Blogging can help do that for you. If you analyze some of the most reputable business websites, you would surely find them blogging. Basically, blogging is an open platform that gives everyone the access to learn more about the products of your company before they actually buy.

  4. Lowering Costs: If you have a small business, you would definitely prefer maximizing the profit with the least possible costs. Blogging is then the perfect option for you. Instead of buying costly advertising spaces, you can simply describe different aspects of your products on your blog and that does not cost you any additional money. It is a great way of reducing costs and advertising effectively.

  5. Easy Web Publishing Solutions: There are hundreds of blog and article directories like Ezinearticles, Goarticles, Ideamarketers where you can post product details, company information, get backlinks, and establish yourself as an expert or build your web presence, all through the simplest way of web publishing. The majority of these sites require no money, unless you opt for a larger ‘membership’ package, which isn’t always necessary. No matter what though, search engine ranking is the prize. You can also utilize these to place links to your blog or website within the article or the ‘resource’ or ‘bio’ box these sites use, either by creating hyperlinks with targeted keywords or just randomly including your blog’s link.

  6. Growing Leadership: As a business owner, you most certainly want to lead your sector. That is why you market your products in a different way; with inbound marketing. But, not having a blog platform would mean incomplete approach that must hamper your reputation. So, in order to be considered as a thought leader, you must have to have a blog.

  7. Better Medium of Communication: Blogging can work like your spokesman that will save the valuable time allowing you to concentrate more on other stuffs than communicating. Basically, blogging opens the platform for you where you require little communication with the outsiders and they are given the chance to communicate freely.

  8. Recruiting Talents: Whether you are a small business or a giant company, you need to recruit the top most talents to maximize your business. In doing so, blogging can be the medium that will attract the talented people to join your company. It works like the mirror of your business, attracting others to check what is inside.

  9. Allows Nurturing: Blogging works as the active platform to nurture leads. Nurturing is seen as the most critical part of any lead to become sale.

  10. Receiving Feedback: In order to become a successful marketer, you need to know how your buyers receive your products. Blogging allows you to know what people think about your products. When posting blogs, just make sure that you ask readers to leave feedback.

Blogging is seen as the most active part of any inbound marketing strategy. To understand the popularity of blogging, consider this: BlogPulse estimates there are 178,637,835 blogs on the internet. However, it not only generates traffic to your website, but also helps you to operate social media marketing and search engine optimization, leading you to a whole new world of opportunity by doing something that can literally take just minutes a day.

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