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Learn a Sales & Marketing Leader's #1 Shortcut to Success [Video]

Learn a Sales & Marketing Leader's #1 Shortcut to Success [Video] Blog Feature

June 8th, 2017 min read

Breakthrough… It’s that exact moment where things “click” - where the solution to a challenge you’ve been wrestling with for months or years becomes perfectly clear, and you’re finally able to push past those barriers.

Unfortunately, achieving such a breakthrough doesn’t happen overnight. But, is there a way to “shortcut” the time it takes to solve some of your most pressing issues as a sales and marketing leader?

Last week, our Founder and CEO, Bob Ruffolo, shared his story of the challenges he faced as a growth leader of IMPACT, and the ultimate way to achieve breakthroughs faster as a marketing and sales leader in any organization. 

Watch the full interview below.

Wistia video thumbnail - IMPACT Live - Bob Interview

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