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By: Desiree Baughman on February 5th, 2013

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The Tricks For Promoting Your Offers Through Social Media Effectively

the-tricks-for-promoting-your-offers-through-social-media-effectivelySocial media presents potential, as well as a unique challenge when it comes to promoting your offers.  When you send out offers on social media, you can’t segment those offers (as you would with an email marketing campaign). This often leaves marketers and business owners scratching their heads and wondering which offers will be the most effective.

If you aren’t sure about how well your current messages are working for you, we talk a lot about how to craft perfect social media messages for a broad audience in our eBook “Social Media Tune-Up”.

If you want to start now working on crafting segmented offers that will capture the attention of a group that you want, then read on!

"Language" Matters

Leads of various levels in the sales funnel use different "language" (no, not Spanish or French).  Someone at the top of the sales funnel will likely use more basic language than someone who’s closer to the bottom of the funnel.

If you want to grab the attention of a certain lead group, use their "language". If you're not be sure what sort of "language" those leads are using, take a peak in on their conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and your blogs.  After you’ve determined which offer is suitable for which level of the sales funnel, you can create messages they'll understand.

Segment Offers

If you want people to take action on your offers, then you’ve got to combine the "language" that you use with an offer that those specific leads would be interested in.  The most basic offer segmentation is:

  • Introductory

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

An introductory offer could be a link back to your company’s “About Us” page, whereas an advanced offer could be more of a “Buy Now” type offer.  The reason why so many companies fail with their offers is that they flood their pages with a ton of “Contact Us!” and “Buy Now!” offers, which are inappropriate for most higher levels of the sales funnel.

Level of Risk

One of the main reasons why visitors and leads don’t take action on offers is because they’ve decided that the level of risk is just too high for them.  This really comes down to creating forms that will boost rather than hinder your conversion rates.  Someone who’s visited your website for the first time and wants more information about you or your products won’t likely take issue to providing you with an email address and their name, but do you really think they’re going to give you info on their household income, their age, their gender, their phone number, and their home address?

You also have to consider how “risky” the offer is, or how much you’re asking from those leads.  Leads at the top of the sales funnel are one step away from not giving you the time of day.  But those who are in the middle or closer towards the bottom are more engaged with your company and will be willing to take you up on more risky offers. Why?  Because if you’re done your lead nurturing right, they trust you and feel safe providing you with the information you’re asking for. They feel that you’re worth the time, and they know that whatever the offer is will turn out to be beneficial and isn’t a threat.

Measure Your Success

The only way you’ll know whether or not those segmented offers are working on your followers and friends is if you take out that inbound marketing software and look at the results.  The added bonus to having these segmented offers is that when you look at visitor and lead information, you can see what offer or link they clicked on to bring them to that page.

If you were to only have one, blanket “Buy Now” link that led to the same page, you’d never be able to really gauge what your leads may be interested in and which offers get the most action from your social media friends and followers. Start utilizing the data you receive and you’ll be just as much in love with it as we are.

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