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By: Dan Baum on December 8th, 2012

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The Tricks for Creating Attractive Content that Sells

Content Marketing

attractive contentThe very first step you should take when improving your marketing is your content. It's a shame to say, but I'm sure that we all know that some industries are a bit more attractive than others. This can render attractive content a wish left unanswered!

Not necessarily, because with the right marketing tricks, even the most boring industries can create attractive content that their customers will be dying to read.

Easier said than done, right? Well this post is going to outline a few tips that you can utilize the next time you are writing content. You'll be surprised at the results you're going to see when you have attractive content! Use these tips and you are sure to get your customers begging for more. We should know, because believe it or not, marketing is not the most riveting topic.

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Help Your Customers Solve A Problem

Why are your leads reading your content in the first place? They have a problem, you have the solution. There it is; plain and simple. The only issue is, your customers need a machete and bug spray to get through to the answer you want to give them. If you are writing educational pieces to your leads, make sure the right ones are seeing it. Any content can be read and be attractive if it's to the right person, so even a simple change in target audience is all you need to get your leads to read your content.

If a few of your leads are wondering how often to send company emails, a blog post answering just that question would be extremely interesting to them! So make sure your content is reaching the right people. And when the customer is happy, you're ecstatic.

Attractive Content=Specific Content

Going back to the helpful thing; you need to be specific in order to help people. Traffic is coming to you in order to find a solution, so give them just that. Don't write to please everyone, even though it is faster and easier. Attractive content takes dedication, so you have to be willing to write and appeal to every type of lead that enters your site. Now if you don't know what types of leads you have, you should start by identifying some buyer personas

Be Conversational

No matter how hard you try, you're not going to be impressing anyone with your fancy industry mumbo-jumbo that nobody cares about. People would MUCH rather read a simple post that at least sounds like a human wrote it.

Every try having a conversation with a surfer bumhead? It's hard to know what they're talking about. The same thing goes for your content. Not everyone went to school for what you do or have experience in your field, so very few will understand the industry-specific jargon that you are using. Attractive content is only possible with humans writing it!

Humor Is NEVER Bad

Being a bit sarcastic or adding a bit of comic flair to your content is a great way to get readers to enjoy what you are reading (bashing your boss is always a good source of humor). As long as you aren't distracting leads from the point of what you're writing, you should be fine. Even if they just read your blog for the humor, they still have a good chance of converting for your company!

Humor can also pull you ahead of your stolid competition. Who has more attractive content, your boring competitors or your witty blog?

Make Content Visually Attractive

You don't want to overwhelm your readers. Things like breaking up your paragraphs into similar ideas can make your content flow more easily.

Easy as that. Get your point across quickly and move on, no need for lengthy paragraphs that are hard to follow!

Take this post even. I used big bold headings to break up different ideas, allowing readers to find the content they want to read quickly.

Using these key tips will really revamp your writing, and make for more attractive content! We should know, because no offense guys, but marketing isn't the most riveting of subjects!

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About Dan Baum

Dan Baum is a Marketing Coordinator at IMPACT. For several years, he's aided in client strategy execution and content creation.


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