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By: Dan Baum on November 8th, 2012

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The Marketing Data & Tools You Need to Keep Business on Track

Marketing Analytics

marketing dataIt's hard to make any headway with your marketing without having certain goals or benchmarks that you want your company to reach. You need to know where you're going in order to get there! But how are you supposed to know the progress of these goals, and how long it should take to reach them? Well by utilizing certain marketing data tools, you can easily track the progress of your marketing campaign, and assess your sales strategies to be as beneficial as possible for your company.

Without tracking your marketing data, all of your newly improved strategies go to waste. You may be hurting your campaign without even knowing it! When you aren't watching your goals, you are more likely to miss huge mistakes and issues. Before you know it, it's too late to fix any of them. By using key marketing data tools like your dashboards and custom reporting, you can easily track your headway and make educated marketing decisions for the future of your campaign.

Trouble tracking your marketing data? Let IMPACT help! Our team of inbound marketers can create great analytic reports for your company that are sure to keep your campaign on track.

How to Use Your Dashboard to Track Marketing Data

Your dashboard is a wondrous tool. It's the one-stop shop for all your quick marketing analytics, and it gives you fast marketing data that you can use to benefit your campaign. There is so much useful data on your dashboard that you could run your entire marketing campaign just from that, It has graphs showing you lead generation, traffic to your site, email marketing results, and much more.

Your dashboard also integrates your everyday goals and benchmarks that you want to hit. You can see exactly how well your company is doing this month, and where you are slipping. With this information, you can simply edit your marketing campaign and get those leads and traffic up to where you want them to be.

There are a couple of main reasons why your company is not reaching its goals. If you are lacking leads, your marketing department needs to step it up. Add some new offers or content and work on your SEO to make yourself visible to the quality leads you want. If sales are down but you have record breaking lead generation, it's time for the sales team to get more efficient.

Make sure you are using your dashboards from a sales standpoint as well. Use these graphs to see how long the average lead takes to convert or exactly how much contact your sales team should be making with leads in order to make a killer load of sales. If none of the leads are converting, it might be the marketing department's turn to refine their definition of a good lead.

One of the main purposes of using marketing data is to keep things going smoothly between marketing and sales. And we all know what can happy when the marketing and sales teams aren't happy; nobody's happy.

Utilize Custom Reporting that includes Marketing Data

Getting away from the daily grind, your monthly reports are what can really be impressing to your company. By having custom reports of all sales, traffic, and leads from the last moth, you can set feasible goals that everyone can be happy with. And once they reach those goals, make reassessments and make new goals. After a while your company will be up to its throat in sales and money!

By utilizing reporting tools and marketing data, you can easily assess where your money is going, and how effective it is being. Get started now with reporting tools and marketing data!

What custom report is the most helpful to your marketing?

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About Dan Baum

Dan Baum is a Marketing Coordinator at IMPACT. For several years, he's aided in client strategy execution and content creation.


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