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By: Brittany Balog on November 9th, 2012

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The "Keep it Simple, Stupid" Method of Creating Landing Pages

Lead Generation

landing pagesLanding pages are your star players for generating leads. You need to do everything in your power to get a person to fill out your form and click “submit”. Once you have their information you’re golden! Or you can at least move on to the next step of segmenting your leads and pushing them down the sales funnel.

Since your landing page is the key to getting your prospective leads information you need to make sure it is PERFECT. Coppyblogger recently wrote an article, ““Keep it Simple, Stupid” Applies to Your Landing Pages, Too!” which describes some guidelines for successfully creating landing pages.

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Define your Offer

Your landing page should be promoting a single offer. Make it your goal to focus only on one offer and do not stray away from it. Do not talk about multiple offers or other resources you provide. Focus on one objective and make it as attractable as possible.

Eliminate Distractions

Avoid using multiple graphics. You want your leads to focus only on the call to action to submit their information and receive an offer. This means emphasizing the call to action, rather than adding more images. Use visual elements that draw attention to the call to action, this may be the size, color, image, layout etc. Make the call to action as attractive as possible!

Do not use off page links. When a link brings the user to another page they are no longer engaged with your offer. If you need to bring them to another page make sure it opens in a new window so the user can easily get back to the original offer. Eliminating the number of clicks it takes for the user to receive the offer will keep them more engaged and more apt to submit their information.

Analyze Your Results

Testing different calls to action, content on the landing page, layouts, and even offers are going to tell you what you need to edit in your landing page. Compare methods you have used to each other and see where the results were coming from. It could be as simple as changing the color of the ‘submit’ call to action or it could be the entire layout of the page. Use all resources you have to make sure you see where clicks, and leads are coming from and why.

Overall, when you eliminate choices and unnecessary distractions the effectiveness of your landing page will increase. Make sure your overall design and layout of the landing page emphasizes the call to action. This is where you will make the sale. Once you have created a layout make sure you analyze it’s process and continue to make changes to increase your leads and sales.

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