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John Bonini

By: John Bonini

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November 21st, 2012

The Importance of Featuring Offers for All Levels of The Buying Cycle

Lead Generation

the buying cycle

The following is an excerpt from IMPACT's popular ebook, "How an Inbound Marketing Agency Does Lead Generation." For more expert tips, be sure to check out the full ebook. 

“Not all potential buyers are at the same level of the buying cycle. Some are trying to understand their need, some are trying to qualify you as a vendor, and some will be ready to work with you.”

One of the first steps in the development of an Inbound Marketing GamePlan is to develop your buyer personas. The next part is to develop a strategy of attracting each one of those buyer personas. And lastly, you have to capture each of those buyer personas at their various levels of their buying process.

What does this mean? It means you need to have a lot of different offers on your website. More offers means more chances that a potential customer will find value in your website and convert to a lead.

What’s an Offer?

An offer is a piece of content or exchange of service that is attractive to a potential customer. This could be an ebook, whitepaper, webinar, service demo, consultation, or a variety of other things. At IMPACT, you’ll notice our website is flooded with quality ebooks (like this one), webinars, and consultation offers. Why create all of these offers? Slow down... we’re getting there!

How Do you Create Offers that Attract Various Buyer Personas?

Once you have developed your buyer personas, you should have a better idea of the needs of your target audience. If you need help developing your buyer personas, give us a call. Knowing your buyer personas is critical to realizing inbound marketing success!

At IMPACT, we know that we have several buyer personas. Some visitors come to our site because they need a new website. Some come because they need more traffic to their website. Others need more leads. And another segment doesn’t know what they need, they just need marketing help.

But what about those that already understand their need but are looking for help?

Then we need even more offers!

So your potential buyers understand their need, but are not ready to contact you yet for fear of being bombarded with sales pressure that they are not ready for or in the position to face and handle.

But chances are, they do want to know more about you before speaking with you. And what they want to know is what it’s like working with you and whether or not you can get them results.

Don’t forget to mix in a variety of offers!

There is a direct correlation between offer conversion rates and perceived value. We’ll get into ways we can increase the perceived value with call to actions and landing pages in a little bit, but the offer / type of offer alone presents perceived value.

At IMPACT, we’ve mixed up our offers. Besides ebooks and whitepapers, you can find:

  • Webinars

  • Videos

  • Tutorials

  • Video Testimonials

and more! Each offer captures different types of leads but meets our overall website initiative to generate leads.

Attracting More Sales Ready Leads at Different Levels of the Buying Cycle

And yes, there is a way to attract even more ready to buy leads. Instead of just having a “contact us” form on our website, we’ve provided our potential customers a number of ways to enter at the bottom of our sales funnel.

  • Free Website Evaluation

  • Free Marketing Consultation

  • Free Demo of HubSpot

  • Talk to an Expert

Continue reading the full ebook...

Proving the ROI from Inbound Marketing

About John Bonini

As the Marketing Director of IMPACT from 2013-May 2015, John lead the IMPACT marketing team. He also wrote for the HubSpot Blog, Social Media Examiner, and Convince & Convert among others. In his free time, John enjoys playing guitar, high-fives, and anything with marinara sauce.

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