What is Growth Hacking? | 4 Differences It Has vs Traditional Marketing [2019 Infographic]

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What is Growth Hacking? | 4 Differences It Has vs Traditional Marketing [2019 Infographic] Blog Feature

Published on November 18th, 2017

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the-difference-between-growth-hacking-vs-traditional-marketingWhen I was growing up, I always wanted a twin.

From Mary-Kate and Ashley to The Parent Trap, mainstream portrayals of twins always made it seem like a good time.

I suppose much of the appeal for me came from the outrageous idea of there being someone else in the world who looked and acted exactly like you, but obviously that’s not always the case. Every once in awhile, there are sets of twins who are complete opposites.

In many ways, Growth Hacking and Traditional Marketing are a lot like these twins. Both come from the same place, wanting to achieve organizational growth and success, but each takes a very different route to get there.

The infographic below from Direct Spark touches upon these differences in 4 major areas:

  • People
  • Approach
  • Channels
  • Process

While Growth Hacking is about making data-driven moves through low-cost channels in order to achieve quick, measurable jumps in your metrics, Traditional Marketing is heavily focused on creating open-ended awareness through conventional media.

If your organization is still investing in Traditional, Outbound Marketing (i.e. Paid ads, commercials, press releases, etc.) and not seeing the results you want, take a look at this infographic to see if you have the resources to get started with Growth Hacking.

If you do, moving towards a more modern, Inbound Marketing methodology will be that much easier. (Growth Hacking and Inbound actually work quite well together, just sayin'.)

Take a look!

traditional marketing vs growth hacking (infographic)
Source: Traditional marketing vs Growth Hacking – Infographic
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