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Brittany Balog

By: Brittany Balog

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November 11th, 2012

The 5 Pieces of Marketing Content that Help Close a Sale

Content Marketing

marketing contentYou have created amazing marketing content and your leads are pouring in. It is time to capitalize on these leads and close the sale. While it is ultimately the job of the sales team to close the sale, there are ways that the marketing team can make the sales process a whole lot easier; with the right content.

If the marketing team follows these guidelines they will be able to deliver more qualified leads to the sales team. More qualified leads will generate a higher leads to customer rate. A higher leads to customer rate means more sales for your company, which is the obvious overall business goal.

If you are interested in learning more about creating content that will improve your sales read our ebook, “How to be the King of Content Marketing.

Great Middle-of-the-Funnel Offers

Middle-of-the-funnel offers make the lead realize, "ok...I do have a need...and this company sounds like a great choice to solve it.” Middle-of-the-funnel offers are important because they are the bridge between the top and bottom of the funnel. The content and offers in the middle can be the deciding point between inquiring about the next step with your company or turning away from your company. You want these visitors to stay with your company and get to a bottom-of-the-funnel offer.

Case Studies

Your marketing team should focus on producing case studies as a piece of content. Nothing sells better than proof that your company can get the job done. Case studies provide evidence of prior successes. They show what your company can do to fix the problem based on actual experience and previous projects that have been completed.


Testimonials in the form of videos or blogs are a great way to establish credibility through your marketing content. People like hearing reviews from other consumers or clients who have experience with the company. Getting a third party view will increase the trust the prospect develops with the company. If other people have had a good experience with the company the visitor will believe they can expect the same results.

Bottom-of-the-funnel content

Bottom-of-the-funnel content such as free consultations, demos, or phone calls are always the hardest pages to get leads to convert on, hence "bottom-of-the-funnel." The content on this page needs to be great, convey value, and ask the right questions on the form. People will see these offers as a commitment so it is important to ask the right questions to not make them feel pressured into an agreement. They should want to engage with the offer based on the knowledge and trust they have already learned about your company.

Lead nurturing emails (Workflows)

This allows only the most qualified of leads to make it through to the sales team, ensuring they're not wasting their time. If leads are opening and clicking offers presented to them in emails it will establish their interest and need for your company. You are actively guiding them down the sales funnel and if they participate in each step you will know it is time for the sales team to step in.

Making sure your marketing team is producing these 5 types of marketing content will not only increase traffic to your website and offers, but you will segment your leads and sales ready leads. This makes the sales team more successful and your company will become more prosperous.

To learn more about producing content to gain sales ready leads read our ebook, “How to be the King of Content Marketing” or Contact IMPACT and learn how we can help!

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About Brittany Balog

Brittany Balog was a Senior Account Manager at IMPACT from 2012-2013. During her time here, she enjoyed diving into her client's organizations and developing comprehensive Inbound strategy to achieve their goals.

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