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By: Desiree Baughman on December 21st, 2012

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The 3 Most Common Myths of Email Marketing

Email marketingBeing that email marketing was one of the first digital marketing methods, it’s not surprising that there are a lot of myths surrounding the subject.  For example, back in the day, all email providers bolstered their junk and spam mail filters in an attempt to protect their subscribers. But times have changed.  Email marketing has changed.

Though we go into great detail about how to run a successful email marketing campaign in our eBook “The Fast Track to Powerful Emails”, one thing that we don’t talk about are common myths that you may still believe that can be having a negative affect on your email marketing campaign. Here are our top 3 myths that you can stop believing today.

Trigger Words?  What Trigger Words?

Back in the day, email and inbound marketers were pretty much trained to avoid using certain words or phrases, being advised that such words would land their emails directly into a recipient’s junk mail or spam mail folder.  Some of these were:

  • Free

  • Save

  • Cash

It was believed that emails that contained such words were likely not legit, and for good reason – a lot of them weren’t.  But the belief that such words would land legit emails directly into a spam filter couldn’t be less true.  Spam filters have become much more sophisticated and now look at more than just a subject line, so go ahead and use those words.

Opt-Ins: Good!  Unsubscribes: Bad

Too many business owners and marketers assume that all because people opt in to their emails that they want to hear from them.  Sadly, this just isn’t true.  Many people who opted in to receive your emails in the first place either:

  1. Didn’t realize that they were doing it, or

  2. Wanted your content at some point but don’t any more, and just haven’t gotten around to unsubscribing

That’s why business owners shouldn’t immediately assume that the amount of people that they have on their email marketing list is a conclusive list of potential leads and customers.

While we do talk about how important it is to keep subscribers in our eBook “The Immediate Solution For Lead Generation”, having people unsubscribe isn’t such a bad thing either.  Having people unsubscribe from your list helps you naturally weed out who’s worth your marketing efforts and who’s not.  Just remember that having an unsubscribe rate of under 1% isn’t a bad thing at all.  It’s actually necessary in order to maintain a healthy subscription list.

Keep It Simple

We talk a lot about branding and making sure that your materials reflect your brand, but sometimes having plain and simple emails is best.  For one, when a recipient receives a plain text email, they don’t feel as if they’re being sold to, so they may be more likely to actually read your email.

Another consideration you have to make is that a lot of people have images turned off, so if you have tons of design elements in an email, your email message could turn out totally wonky when received by those leads.  Strongly consider sticking to basic HTML with your logo in the header and a small picture of related to the email message.

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