By: Brie Rangel

on March 28th, 2018

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What Do Successful Women in Marketing Do Differently? [MarketHer Ep. 28] Blog Feature Subscribe

By: Brie Rangel

 on March 28th, 2018

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What Do Successful Women in Marketing Do Differently? [MarketHer Ep. 28]

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We all recently read an article titled: Four Things Successful Women In Marketing Do.

We decided to review this article on our episode and break down what those four things mean to us and how we've been able to implement those into our everyday lives. 

So, how do we:

  • Think in Systems?
  • Go Beyond Our Job Descriptions?
  • Try New Things Without Fear?
  • Make Bold Choices?

Find out by checking out our latest episode: 

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Brie has been helping businesses reach their goals since the early days of HubSpot and inbound marketing. With experience in nonprofit, SMB, enterprise, and SaaS businesses, she has a wide perspective into sensible solutions for her clients and their individual needs. As an Account Strategist at IMPACT, Brie acts as an advisor to her clients, helping them identify measurable marketing goals and the strategies and tactics needed to achieve them. She’s their day-to-day contact for all things strategy and considers their success, her own. Brie came to IMPACT from Houston, Texas. When she’s not cheering for the Astros, using the word, “ya’ll” in every sentence, or riding her horse to work (just kidding), you’ll find her hanging out with her family and her bloodhound, Duke.

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