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By: Dan Baum on December 10th, 2012

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Social Media Reach – Tips for Becoming a "Big Deal"

Social Media Marketing

social mediaFor many companies, having a global presence is extremely important to the livelihood of your business. But many companies underestimate the power of social media as a global lead generator! Once you've got your company's global presence down, you next need to get your social media there too.

If you are targeting a cross-ocean audience, social media can drastically improve the rate at which you can generate leads.

A global campaign takes a lot, and you're probably wondering what steps you need to take in order to take advantage of your global social media. Well, this post will give you the groundwork for your social media strategy, so before you start posting in Spanish, see how these easy steps can help your global social media!

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Segmentation, Segmentation, Segmentation

If you thought it was important before, you're going to be blown away with the importance of lead segmentation once you go global. There are so many different things you can segment based on, so having very clear cut list segments can really help kick off your global social media.

You should set goals based on each of your lists. Segment by languages first off, so that you don't annoy the French with Spanish posts. Rather than creating different profiles for each language, check out each platforms language settings. With Facebook, you can target likes and prospects based on language, giving you the ability to post in Spanish without your american followers wondering what you're doing.

Use localization features on all major social media sites so that you can save time and effort. Much better than creating separate profiles for each, right?

Use Actual Translations In Social Media

Although it's awesome and really easy to use, Google Translate is not the most reliable source for translating your posts. There is no better way to show how unprofessional you are! Instead you should use native speakers to translate all of your posts.

Also, make sure that you don't mix up languages on your blog. Even though you want to appeal globally, keep these all the same. It's easier to mix languages on your social media sites, because updates are going to single users instead of your entire customer base.

Don't forget your dialects either! Make sure you know which dialect should be used so you are targeting the right people.

Use The Locals

There is nobody that knows what's going on in a country better than someone who lives there. Sorry, but you can't newsjack in Denmark if you're in Brooklyn; not going to work. Hire writers from your countries so that you are always up to date! They will make sure you are not posting ignorant content that only makes sense in the U.S.

Interactions are important too. While your at it, hire someone to go through your involvement on social media sites. Have them respond to people on social media platforms, so that you don't accidentally offend anyone with a bad comment!

Edit Your Colors

Find out what colors mean what in different countries. You don't want to post a picture of a cute bunny when a bunny is the sign of death in Poland. Not good for business. Some countries use white as a color of mourning, so make sure you aren't being too morbid with your posting on social media platforms.


Make sure people can find you from one language to another. You don't want an English person finding your German site and not being able to find their way to the English version. Post a lot of links on your social media accounts so that you are effectively driving foreign traffic to your website.

Creating a global social media strategy before attempting it can be extremely beneficial to the overall success of your campaign, so use these tips to get your global social media campaign off the ground!

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