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By: Dan Baum on December 9th, 2012

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Social Media Automation: The Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Social Media Marketing

social media automationIt's known that social media automation is completely necessary for any company if you want to see true results with your social media marketing. But just because you're doing it doesn't mean that it's perfect. Believe it or not, there is still a lot of improvements that can be made to your social media automation that you don't know about!

There are a lot of simple mistakes that are hurting the results yielded by social media marketing. Even something as simple as your timing being off can really hurt your marketing!

This post will identify a few of the most common mistakes that occur among social media automation platforms. These quick fixes can drastically help your social media marketing, and you will see great results from your social media lead generation! This list will tell you exactly what you should be changing in your online marketing.

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Too Much Social Marketing Automation

You need a balance between your automated social media updates and the organic ones. In order to find this balance, you need to fiddle around with your posting frequency for each social media platform, and optimize them to be as "lead generating" as possible.

On sites like Twitter, don't be afraid to start posting more. You'd be surprised at how many updates you can come up with. See how your followers respond. If they like it, keep at it! Facebook is a little different, however. Don't post too much on Facebook because you may come off as annoying or spammy. Keep these post more high quality, and less often.

You Don't Leave Room For Sprads

Sometimes genius just hits you. But what happens when you can't post your spur-of-the-moment-ad because you already are posting too much with your marketing automation? You wait and you forget it. Always leave room just for your sprads, because you don't want to miss out on the genius!

This works for your newsjacking as well. New iPhone released? Go post about your mobile app quickly and reap the rewards of social media automation with a little wiggle room.

Don't Set & Forget

You can't be that successful with your social media automation if that is all you're doing. You still need to log in to your social media platforms and engage with your followers or prospects. If people are tweeting at you and going unanswered, frustration with your brand will run rampant.

There is nothing more awesome-feeling than when a company you tweeted at actually answers you like they really care about you. This dedication is necessary for a good social media reputation, but it definitely pays off!

Don't Do The Robot...Ever

If you wouldn't let your friends do the robot in public, don't let your marketing do it either. If you sound like a robot with all your posts, followers won't want to engage with you, which is bad for business. Add some personality to your copy. Be funny. Horse around. But still be sure to advertise for your brand as well.

Your Timing Is Bad

At least have your posts make sense to your connections. Don't post an offer on the 5th when it ends on the 6th. That's just annoying. Also keep your time zones in mind. A super important post about an event needs to go out at a convenient time for everyone. 1:30 A.M. is not when I want to be on twitter.

Don't worry! All of these tips are very easy fixes, and before you know it, your social media automation will be optimized and ready to go get you some leads and loyal customers!

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