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By: Bob Ruffolo on January 17th, 2012

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Small Business Marketing Checklist for 2012


The entire year of 2012 is ahead. Unlike 2011, the following year is estimated to be a harder one for small business operators. The recent marketing trends have turned towards inbound marketing from the traditional outbound strategies. Despite all these challenges, you can make an excellent year of 2012 as a business success simply by following the following checklist.

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Importance of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is proven as having effective methods for marketing the products of your small business. Lower costs per lead and sale, long term benefits and more authenticity are some of the basic things that attract more people to tend to inbound marketing. Thanks to the enormous influence of the internet, marketers are now paying more heed to internet marketing because it is an easier way of generating visitors and increase sales. According to Hubspot.com, inbound marketing costs 62% less money to generate each lead comparing to other traditional marketing strategies. So, whether yours is a giant corporation or a small business, inbound marketing has its own place in your marketing strategy.

Effective strategies for 2012

Marketers and analysts are estimating that 2012 would not bring about any revolutionary changes in the way marketing is executed. But, some of the most commonly used techniques are going to be implemented more effectively with slight changes to various platforms. However, following is the list of the most effective marketing platforms that marketers are going to use in the following year.

SEO: Yes, search engine optimization strategies are going to be the top inbound marketing strategy in 2012. One of the fundamental reasons why many of the marketers prefer SEO over anything is that generating traffic from search engine giants like Google, Yahoo! and Bing is because it does not require any money but only some enthusiastic efforts. But, experts claim that in 2012, Google will give priority to websites that are more readable by users. So, if you want to expand your small business into a giant corporation, reserve some budget for SEO purposes.

PPC Advertising: Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is going to be another giant strategy for inbound marketing. Though there are debates regarding how PPC targets visitors, marketers will still rely on spending money on PPC advertising. However, PPC advertising costs marketers when anyone clicks on their advertisements. But, the amount of money to be charged depends on a number of issues.

E-mail marketing: What do you think about email marketing? Nothing but a waste of money and time? In actuality, email marketing is going to be another widely used marketing strategy in 2012. However, due to the widespread usage of the internet, it has become commonly unthinkable that someone who uses the internet does not have an email address. Because everyone doesn’t buy self-hosted domains, emails are still thought of as internet addresses, like physical addresses are for postal mail. So, email marketing will continue to soar upwards in popularity in the following year.

Blogging: Blogging, an important part of inbound marketing will take its due place in the next year. lead generation report from Wharton Marketing (www.wharton-marketing.com) suggests that companies that have blogging platforms get 434% more indexed pages on search engines compared to the ones that do not blog. In addition, blogging offers significant impacts on search engine results as well. Another important benefit of blogging is that it allows more buyer interaction that any other component.

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing (SMM) will have more control on business expansion in 2012 than the current levels. It is clearly understandable that hundreds of thousands of people are tending to open social media accounts every single day. This rate is rising even more. This will surely influence the marketers to pay more attention to social media marketing. However, it is easy to pretend that using social media websites will still remain out of cost which will boost up the sector.

Business: More Data Driven

In 2012, people are no longer going to rely on phony statements on particular products. But rather accurate information of specific products that you intend to sell will gain more popularity. So overall, convincing people will become a little tougher but with the many new avenues and the old tried and true methods for marketing, you also have more of a chance than ever to refine your skills and get your product out there.

Finally, if you want to succeed with your small business, you will have to grab every opportunity that comes towards you. Maximizing the profit will largely depend on how you use the resources, and with so many being developed every day, you’ll soon have more resources than you can possibly use.

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