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Sales and Marketing Harmony (The IMPACT Show Ep. 72)

Sales and Marketing Harmony (The IMPACT Show Ep. 72) Blog Feature

Stephanie Baiocchi

Director of Community & Events, Speaker, Co-Leader of the Chicago HubSpot User Group, Host of ‘The IMPACT Show’ Podcast

March 13th, 2019 min read

Ithis episode of The IMPACT Show, Nick and I discuss great marketing newsletters, how to make an 80% video, nurturing sales-qualified leads, hiring and managing remote team members, and more. 

Check out the video recording below as well as the show notes. Enjoy and let us know what you thought in IMPACT Elite. 

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The Best Marketing Newsletters: 8 We’re A Little Bit Obsessed With

IMPACT's Head of Editorial Content, Ramona Sukhraj, wrote this round up of the best marketing newsletters. It's good to get out of your own bubble and see what you might be missing. 

We love great marketing newsletters but I also loved seeing what has been up to lately. They decided to take a stance and said that newsletters suck. Instead of a newsletter where everyone gets the same information, Zest created a personalized email called UpSkill. It combines content you saved in Zest but haven't read, things you might be interested in, and content recently added by people you follow.


How to Make an Amazing 80% Video

IMPACT's Zach Basner article wrote this article on 80% videos which are videos that answer the top 7-10 questions prospects ask most often. The video is sent to them to watch before you get down to business. The article included great examples from all different types of organizations including both B2B and B2C examples. 

Nick shared that his favorite quote from the article is: You may be thinking, “wow, that sounds like a lot of work, getting everyone to make one of these.” And yes, you’re right, however, in our experience, this is well worth the time.

It's true - if it's hard work there's a good chance your competitors aren't doing it. Put in the effort and you'll be rewarded. 

The IMPACT Community

Where we go over what you're saying in IMPACT Elite.

MPACT Elite is a community of over 4,600 passionate inbounders looking to help each other succeed. Join us in IMPACT Elite. 

IMPACT Elite Member(s) of the Week!

Jessica Torres and Patti Skiljan are our Elite members of the week this week. 

Nick got the chance to talk with Jessica after a question she asked about HubSpot in Elite. When talking with her he asked how she found Elite and she mentioned that her friend, Patti, told her about it. We love hearing this!

In fact, if you're in Elite you should go find one friend or coworker you can invite to Elite right now! The more great minds we have in the group the more interesting answers and perspectives we'll have. 

Nurturing Sales Qualified Leads

Koreen Leavitt posted "I have a question for your brilliant marketing minds. We have an issue where we have 100 or so SQLs sent over to sales. Normally we let sales handle the conversion, but some key stakeholders want marketing’s help again to continue nurturing them along with sales because these particular leads are priority to convert.

Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts around what we can do alongside sales to get them ready to convert? Don’t want to overwhelm them and seem too thirsty, but want to give them something relevant to nudge. Thanks for any thoughts!”

The discussion on this thread is full of great feedback and comments from Elite members. Someone even suggested the 80% approach. 

Guest of the Week

This is where we pick someone from the community who we feel like you need to know about.

Our guest of the week is someone making great moves in their campaigns, have leadership lessons we can learn from, or are just overall awesome people you should make it a priority to get to know.

Natalie Davis, VP of Talent at IMPACT

This week we interviewed IMPACT's VP of Talent, Natalie Davis

As the third most tenured employee, her career at the agency has spanned multiple roles including Social Media Manager, Director of Client Services, and Process Development Manager.

Check out her recent content about making your organization attractive to job candidates in a competitive job market and some remote team struggles and how we overcame them.


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