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40 office Halloween costume ideas for last-minute digital marketers

40 office Halloween costume ideas for last-minute digital marketers Blog Feature

Ramona Sukhraj

Head of Editorial Content, Strategized Initiatives That Increased IMPACT’s Website Traffic From ~45K to ~400K

October 14th, 2019 min read

Every year, I say I won’t do it and every year, I do it anyway.

I wait until the very last minute to think of a Halloween costume.

If your office is anything like ours at IMPACT, you like to have some fun on Halloween, donning costumes and enjoying a few spooky treats.

Unfortunately, in the fast-paced and often hectic marketing and tech worlds, it can be difficult to come up with a creative, easy-to-make costume that’s also safe for work.

So this year, I did the brainstorming for you.

Below are some clever, work-friendly Halloween costumes you can put together with some simple materials you most likely already have lying around your home or office.

1. VSCO girl

What's a VSCO Girl, you ask? It's a name given to young (usually Gen Z) female influencers who use the popular VSCO photo-editing app to keep their Instagram profiles picture perfect.

All you need is a camera or smartphone (bonus points if it's a Polaroid), Hydro Flask, and some trendy accessories like a hair scrunchy and you'll be good to go. 


2. Click farmer

Click farms may not be the most honorable way of growing your numbers, but they do lend themselves to a pretty admirable costume. 

Like IMPACT's own, Carina Duffy, you can create this costume with a simple plaid or flannel shirt, some overalls, and a few computer mouses. 


3. iPhone 11

Arguably no product design has gotten more attention (or backlash) than the iPhone 11, so, bring it to life!

Throw on a white, black, purple, yellow, green, or red shirt and use construction paper to recreate the phone's infamous camera lenses in the upper left hand corner. 

You could also don a black shirt (to mimic the new 'dark mode'), print out the icons of your favorite apps, and attach them using safety pins.

(Or if you're feeling really crafty, use felt to recreate the icons like the woman below:)


4. Adobe Creative Suite

Grab a bright tee (and maybe some friends) and show up at the office as your favorite programs from the Adobe Creative Suite.

Google and print out the logos on some card stock or everyday computer paper, pin it to your shirt, and you’ll be good to go.


5. The Purple Cow

Who doesn't love Seth Godin? Throw on something purple and use construction paper to cut out some spots to be the iconic Purple Cow. 


6. Your favorite meme

Nothing dominates social media like memes so why not recreate your favorite for an easy, office-friendly costume? Here's some inspiration:

Squinting woman:


"Is this a bird?":



7. Web server

Got a black shirt and a plate? Grab those and print out a photo of a computer for a simple, but clever web server costume.

8. Identity theft (or thief)

With cyber hacks and data breaches making headlines every other day, this costume couldn't be more timely or easier to put together. Just dress like yourself and throw on some name tags. Use the names of your coworkers for a more personal touch. 

office-halloween-costume-ideas-identity theft
Credit: Govloop

9. Emoji

There are hundreds of iconic (no pun intended) and recognizable characters for you to recreate sitting right in your smartphone. Here are just a few examples of how well it can be done without much work:

Information Desk Girl:

Dancing girls:




Source: PopSugar

10. Snapchat lenses

Snapchat’s lenses have been helping us transform all year long, so why not bring them to real life this Halloween? Grab some makeup or face paint at a local craft store to recreate some of your favorites with these helpful tutorials: 

11. White space

Dress in all white. 

Boom. Costume.

12. “The cloud”

iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox; “Clouds” are everywhere in the tech world and a critical tool for many teams.  

Use construction paper to cut out fluffy clouds to pin to your shirt, or if you’re feeling crafty, cover a white shirt with cotton balls or stuffing cotton for a punny office costume.

13. Mozilla Firefox

It may not be the most popular browser, but it's certainly one of the most recognizable. Wear orange, find an inflatable globe, and grab this pair of ears for a foxy office get-up.


14. Copy-cat

Pick up a pair of cat ears (any local pharmacy will have these, guaranteed), use eyeliner or a marker to draw on whiskers and a nose, and jot down "Control + C" on a piece of paper. Pin it to your shirt and you’re done!


Source: BuzzFeed 

15. Mad Men characters

Taking a more traditional costume approach, break out your suit or pencil skirt and dress up as one of the characters from TV’s Mad Men.

16. 404 page

Here’s one for all the developers out there. Grab a plain white tee and use some sharpies to write “Error 404: Costume Not Found” across the front.

17. Social butterfly

Love social media? With a pair of angel or fairy wings, a colorful t-shirt, and some printed out logos, you can easily become a social butterfly.

(Not to brag, but this number right here has gotten me on more than one top punny costume lists.)


18. Facebook

No wings handy? Grab some eyeliner or a marker and write “BOOK” across your cheeks for a literal “ Face book” costume.


Credit: NBC Universal

19. Reaction buttons

Now, this one would make an awesome group costume for you and your team.

Throw on some yellow t-shirts and in black, write or attach one Buzzfeed’s reaction options (i.e. OMG, LOL, WTF,  etc.)


Or if you're looking for more of a marketing angle, consider Facebook reaction buttons:


20. Pantone colors/swatches/palette:

For another easy group costume, use colored shirts and the Pantone Color Finder to print out labels to go as different swatches or a cohesive palette.

If you’re feeling technical, try going as the CMYK color model. 





21. Marketing icons

Pay tribute to some of marketing’s most well-known mascots and spokespeople with clothes you already have in your closet. This is all you need for some of the most popular: 

  • Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World: Black Suit
  • Flo from Progressive: White pants, white polo, navy headband, and a white apron that says “Progressive”
  • Brawny Man: Red flannel shirt, jeans, a roll of paper towel
  • Jake from State Farm Insurance: Red polo shirt, khakis, and “State Farm” name tag.
  • KFC's Colonel Sanders: A white beard and sharp white suit will do the trick here.

22. Mark Zuckerberg

Turn the Facebook founder’s minimalist style into a casual costume. All you need is a a grey t-shirt, black hoodie, jeans -- and of course an innovative mindset.


Source: ecouterre

23. Android

Use a lime green t-shirt, or a clean, classic garbage can and a glow stick necklace to turn yourself into the Android mascot.


Source: Mymondanite

24. Ghost writer

To turn yourself into a ghost writer for the day, take an old white bed sheet, cut a few holes for your eyes, and a carry around a notebook.

25. Hashtag

Use a piece of poster board or cardboard to cut out a # or hashtag shape then use old shoe strings to hang it around your neck.  

This video can show you how to create the look in as little as 20-minutes: 

26. Instagram frame/screen

 While you’ve got the cardboard out, cut out a large square and use construction paper and markers to recreate the Instagram frame/screen. Add personality with a witty caption or even use cellophane to create your own “filters."


Source: Linda Hoang

27. Grumpy Cat

Use your cat ears from #6 and put on your best trout mouth. If you want to try something a little more elaborate, use makeup or face paint to mimic the meme’s actual coloring.


28. Steve Jobs

Like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs had simple, memorable style that you can replicate for Halloween. Throw on a black turtleneck, jeans, sneakers, and thin-rimmed glasses.


29. Monkey business

I don’t know about you, but it’s going to be pretty chilly on Halloween here in New England. Grab this monkey suit from Amazon and put a suit on over it to bring a little bit of monkey business into the office for the day.

30. Guerilla marketer

Are gorillas more your primate? Put a tech t-shirt on with this mask and print out some fliers to become a “Gorilla Marketer.” Get it?

31. Roger the Moz Robot

Use a cardboard box and some masking tape to craft yourself into Roger the Moz Robot.


32. Call-to-action button

Wear bright orange, red, or any other high-converting colored shirts and write your best CTA copy across the front. Cut out and attach a paper “cursor” and try something fun like “Push for a High-Five” or “Click for a Hug.”

33. HubSpot sprocket

Pay homage to our favorite marketing automation company with a bright orange shirt and a cardboard or paper sprocket!

34. Gary Vaynerchuk:

Carry around a bottle of a wine and throw on this tee, for a quick and easy costume as the one and only Gary Vee. (Yes, that rhymed.)

35. Data/analytics chart:  

What’s your big metric? Traffic? Clicks? Whatever it may be, use a plain shirt and some paper or cardboard to craft a data chart.  

Source: Time

36. Link juice

Use a cardboard box, construction paper, and carry an old juice jug to turn yourself into “link juice.”

37. Spam:

Take a plain t-shirt and attach as many old mail envelopes to it as you can. (or just buy this costume.)

38. Internet troll

If you've got a plain shirt handy, write "Internet" or even the name of a specific social media platform like "YouTube" or "Facebook" on the front and put on a colorful wig like these to quickly become an internet troll. 


39. Insta-gram

If your office is anything like mine, this groan-worthy pun will be a big hit:

40. Seth Godin

Feeling bold? Shave your head and throw on a suit and some round-framed glasses to transform yourself into Seth Godin.


Still stumped? Maybe this peek at Halloween in the IMPACT office will inspire you:

Happy Halloween, friends! :)

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