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Brittany Balog

By: Brittany Balog

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October 22nd, 2012

More Profitable Email Marketing with Thank You Emails

email marketingYour parents taught you from a very young age to use your manners.

Please and thank you have been used in your vocabulary since you learned how to talk. (And they usually allowed you to get what you wanted.) So why wouldn’t you continue to use these polite words while conducting business?

Now that business is being managed mostly over the Internet, saying thank you to your leads via your email marketing can be extremely beneficial to your business.

There are several ways to capitalize on the use of a thank you email. Leads that fill out your landing pages and request your offers can continue to be pushed down the sales funnel with a quick, automated thank you email. This email can be a very important asset to your inbound marketing campaign.

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The Transactional Email

A transactional email is an automated message that is triggered when visitors submit their information on your landing pages. Transactional emails are often used by Ecommerce sites to confirm your order and provide shipment information.

Transactional messages are triggered by a specific action your contacts have completed and can be used to inform contacts of how to complete a particular action. For example, having a lead fill out their information on your landing page will prompt a thank you email to be sent to them so they can open the offer they requested.

Benefits of using 'Thank-You' in your Email Marketing

Thank you emails are targeted to those that have filled out a specific landing page. By understanding what offer they requested you not only thank them for requesting it and establish credibility, but you can also provide additional information regarding a second offer to continue pushing them through your sales funnel.

Your thank you email is putting your information directly into your leads inbox. This allows users to forward information about your business easily and quickly.  You can also extend the reach of your content to a new audience by including social media links within this email.  Make it as simple as possible for your leads to stay engaged and forward your product to their email contacts and social network.

Put your Thank-You Email into Action

Thank you emails help complete a call-to-action. That is why people open them. Therefore, take advantage of this by using customized call to actions to push your leads to your landing pages and fill out the information necessary to send them a thank you email.

Once you have your leads contact information, personalize your thank you note to thank them for requesting their offer and prompt them to download another offer that is part of the next step of your sales funnel.

You can then use software to track and analyze how successful your thank you email is by looking at the click through and open rates.

This information can be taken a step further and tie into your lead nurturing campaign. You have the ability to control what other communication efforts each specific contact receives and nurture them over time to move through your sales funnel.

Who knew a simple thank you email could lead to quality sales generation and leads for your business.

Are you Ready to say Thank You to your leads?

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About Brittany Balog

Brittany Balog was a Senior Account Manager at IMPACT from 2012-2013. During her time here, she enjoyed diving into her client's organizations and developing comprehensive Inbound strategy to achieve their goals.

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