By: Bob Ruffolo

on October 16th, 2017

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IMPACT Elite: Where The Sharpest Minds in Marketing Are Hanging Out Blog Feature Subscribe

By: Bob Ruffolo

 on October 16th, 2017

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IMPACT Elite: Where The Sharpest Minds in Marketing Are Hanging Out

IMPACT News | Community Management

So, something amazing is happening on Facebook right now.

No kidding.

This past summer, we created a buzzing marketing community called IMPACT Elite on Facebook, and the conversations, connections, and inspiration coming out of it have already surpassed our greatest expectations.

From aspiring marketing leaders to proven experts, nearly 1000 of the sharpest minds in inbound are asking questions, sharing ideas, and getting inspired there -- and I want you to be a part of it.

Join over 500 of the sharpest minds in marketing where they’re hanging out.

Join the Group

IMPACT Elite isn’t like any other Facebook group you’ve joined:

Our Members Are Hand-Picked.

IMPACT Elite is just that -- elite. We hate spam more than you do, so we screen and approve every member individually to ensure the conversation is of real value.


We Nerd Out, Together.

It takes a unique and awesome person to appreciate good (or terrible) marketing jokes.

In Elite, your fellow marketing and business geeks are laughing over common pain points, mistakes, and the latest campaigns from big brands.

Take a little mental break from your day and see what everyone’s smiling about.


There’s Exclusive Content & Contests.

What’s the fun of being Elite without perks?

Members of Elite are IMPACT’s nearest and dearest, so you’ll get access to exclusive content and giveaways for prizes like event tickets, t-shirts, and more. You’ll even get early access to some of our bigger projects still in the works.



You’ll Connect with Movers & Shakers.

Some of the biggest names in inbound marketing and sales are engaging in IMPACT Elite. They’re sharing their latest projects and offering expert insights on others. Curious what they’ll think about what you’re working on? Post about it and find out


Get Inspired.

Probably the thing I’m most excited about is the game-changing inspiration coming out of Elite.

Between the personal stories, advice, and new discussion topics being brought up each week, members were helping each other shift their perspectives on marketing and growing their businesses.


I couldn’t be more pumped by what’s going on there. In fact, I’m heading back to IMPACT Elite right now to see what’s new.

Meet me there. :)

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Bob is the founder and CEO of IMPACT, an agency he formed in 2009 to help people and their organizations succeed by changing the way they market themselves online. Since its founding, IMPACT has achieved its status as one of HubSpot's Diamond Partner Agencies and secured its place as one of the top inbound marketing agencies in the country.

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