By: Britt Schwartz

on June 27th, 2018

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Season 2 Kick-Off: #EmbraceTheStruggle [MarketHer Episode #37] Blog Feature Subscribe

By: Britt Schwartz

 on June 27th, 2018

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Season 2 Kick-Off: #EmbraceTheStruggle [MarketHer Episode #37]

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Guess who's back!?!

If you guessed MarketHer, then you're right!

After a short hiatus at the close of Season 1, Angela, Brie, and I are back for Season 2 and we should come with a warning!

Between end-of-school activities, vacations (one to Colombia!), setting up a farm business, and brand new jobs (still at IMPACT) for the three of us, we needed time to focus on all the amazing things happening around us!

But, we're so EXCITED to come back to MarketHer this season with fresh new topics to discuss, energy and wit (at least the attempt at wit), and as always the dedication to creating space for women to connect!

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Before I share any more about what's in store for Season 2, I need to make sure that you've first seen the promo for the new season.

No, there really isn't any more information than what you'll read below, but trust me. This is so worth the watch!


I told you it was worth it :)

Season 2 Premiere: #EmbraceTheStruggle

As the three of us came together to discuss this next season and what we wanted to accomplish with the community of MarketHer, we decided the best way to share relevant, relatable, and enjoyable content with you all is to focus on a theme. 

Each season moving forward, we'll focus our conversations, episodes, social content, and live events (come see us at IMPACT Live 18!) around a single theme. 

We are THRILLED to announce that Season 2 is all about Embracing the Struggle (#EmbraceTheStruggle)

Life is tough, ya'll.

Even really good things (like our new roles) can be scary, challenging, and uncomfortable.

Our lives are filled with unique challenges and challenges that we can ALL relate to. 

#EmbraceTheStruggle is a battle cry to all to recognize that nothing good comes without days, months, and sometimes years of struggling. 

We want to embrace the suckiness. We want to own our challenges and, most importantly, we want to find ways to either beat the struggle or find comfort as we're going through it. 

From hypothyroidism, new jobs, big life changes, communication, to everything in between - this season, we're showing it all!

Check out the first episode of Season 2 below: 


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