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Marketers Rejoice -- Twitter Has Just Released the 2019 Event Calendar!

Marketers Rejoice -- Twitter Has Just Released the 2019 Event Calendar! Blog Feature

Kate Fodera

Director of Sales Development, 7+ Years Experience Creating Remarkable Marketing Experiences

January 22nd, 2019 min read

Just when we thought the season of giving was over, Twitter pulls through for us.

A few days ago, Twitter released its 2019 Marketing Calendar -- which is an extremely valuable resource for those of us who are using Twitter as part of our marketing plan this year.

What is the Twitter Marketing Calendar?

The Twitter Marketing Calendar is a downloadable document that shares the most anticipated events that will unfold on the platform this year, so that marketers can plan around those that are relevant.

The events range from the obvious (International Women’s Day - March 8th) to the not-so-obvious (National Sibling Day - April 10th).

And I know you may be saying to yourself, “Come on, Kate. I can Google "weird events in 2019” and get the same information” and sure, you’re right, but you’ll also waste much more time and energy clicking around on links.

Even if you wanted to go the route where you type in search terms and click around yourself, that’s fine, but you’d be missing out on the most valuable piece of this calendar for any sort of marketer who is planning out and/or finalizing their marketing campaigns this year.

Drumroll, please…

Why is the Twitter Marketing Calendar Valuable? 

This calendar is the Holy Grail for those of us who are planning on utilizing Twitter in 2019 because not only does it tell us what holidays are approaching BUT it also gives us the expected tweet impressions for each of those days.

That’s right.

With that data, you can quickly and easily identify which holidays make sense for you and your company to put resources and time towards based on the expected conversation on Twitter.

Now, it’s worth noting that just because people are talking about something on Twitter, it absolutely, positively does NOT mean that you should get involved in the conversation.

The same rules apply here as they do everywhere else in the digital marketing realm -- don’t jump into or try to own a conversation that doesn’t make sense for what you’re selling or offering.

For example, if you’re a manager for a SaaS company, it may not make sense for you to tweet “Happy #NationalPizzaDay to all you hungry people!”

… although, I’m not sure that makes sense for anyone to post. But I digress.  

It Still Seems Like Another Thing That Will Just Sit Unopened on My Desktop

Listen, I get it. My desktop is littered with downloads I never open after the initial form fill either, but here’s the thing.

I truly believe that if Twitter is going to be part of your marketing, you can’t lose by downloading (and printing out) this 2019 calendar.

There’s no downside to being prepared for what’s coming up in the next few months online, especially on a platform you’ve committed to using.

Many social media networks rarely, if ever, release general data around holidays and big events so, for marketers, it can be a crapshoot on what conversations are beneficial enough to get involved in.

This generous calendar gives us that information and it puts the power back in our hands.

With it, we can make smart and strategic decisions for our company based completely on:

A. What makes logical sense to talk about
B. The data to back up the “why we’re doing this” to upper management

Plus, because it’s a calendar, you can work far enough in advance.

Don’t run the risk of seeing someone post about National Dog Day while you’re laying in bed, checking email in the morning, and think, “Oh no! I need to create a video for this and tweet it out at 10am!”

With the Twitter Marketing Calendar, you’ll actually be prepared and able to plan out cohesive multi-platform campaigns, create the right message, and get the approvals you need to push that message live when the time comes.

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