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Making the Most Out of Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

Making the Most Out of Influencer Marketing [Infographic] Blog Feature

Ramona Sukhraj

Head of Editorial Content, Strategized Initiatives That Increased IMPACT’s Website Traffic From ~45K to ~400K

February 11th, 2016 min read

Let’s face it; we’re all under the influence.

The influence of our friends, family, coworkers, celebrities, brands.

Whether we realize it or not, their thoughts, actions, and opinions have an impact on our own and for us marketers, this creates an invaluable opportunity to reach our audiences. 

Simply put, influencer marketing is the act of targeting specific individuals or companies that don’t buy from you, but impact the decision making of those who do.

In other words, if a CEO is heavily influenced by his Director of Talent, a brand would create content and campaigns to build awareness with and win over the Director in hopes that they will, in turn, recommend them to their CEO.

It’s pretty much the ultimate blend of social proof and word-of-mouth marketing. So, it's no wonder Google searches for the strategy have increased 325% in the past 12 months alone. 

Not convinced that it works? In the infographic below, Flying Point Digital, shares a number of statistics that illustrate the impact of influencers on buyers.

Incorporating data from Contently, ShelfInc, SEMRush, amongst others, here are a few of its highlights:

  • 68% of consumers trust online opinions from other consumers
  • Conversions can increase 3-10x when brands share content through industry influencers
  • 30% of consumers under 32 spend time on social media digesting peer written content.
  • 72% of influencers share additional posts about their sponsors outside of contractual agreements.

How can you incorporate influencer marketing into your strategy? Test the waters with a few of these simple tactics:

  1. Mention them on social media
  2. Include them on a curated list
  3. Share content they’ve created
  4. Ask them to guest blog for you
  5. Quote them
  6. Ask them to participate in a webinar or AMA
  7. Give them early access to an offer or product (and request their feedback)




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