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Brittany Balog

By: Brittany Balog

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November 23rd, 2012

Localizing your Brand Development

Brand Development

brand developmentBefore any game plan is created for an inbound marketing campaign you must clearly define your brand. Your brand speaks about who you are. When well branded you can easily connect with your audience.

It is important to be specific when defining exactly what your product or service will provide to customers. Then letting the brands personality show throughout the campaign will attract customers to content and leave them with a sense of understanding who the brand is and leave the customer wanting to continue to engage with the service.

Since I have started working with IMPACT Branding and Design I have learned the importance of a clearly defined brand for clients accounts. Specifically, my accounts focus on local business, which is a very important part of the branding process. Localizing your brand allows for specific brand development and targeted campaign ideas.

Defining your Brand

To easily define a brand you need to focus on who the company is, who needs to know the company, what the customer’s problems are and learn how to solve your customer’s problems.

Although this seems like a lot to do it is a simple task when working with a client. They know everything there is to know about their business. Start by focusing on the company’s main goal. For example, Wallingford Bike Barn focuses on serving the needs of Connecticut customers for all of their cycling needs while promoting safety and responsibility to the community. They focus primarily on relationships within the community due to the fact that they are a local business. Safety and the environment are important to the company so incorporating that into the brand and their content creates a relationship with customers that have similar needs and feelings about these topics.

Building a Local Relationship

Wallingford Bike Barn has been in business since 1955. This establishes credibility and enables long lasting relationships with the company. Being in business for decades has made this company well known locally.

Wallingford Bike provides an experience that assists and informs customers, whether it is for a child’s first bike or someone’s third mountain bike. If they are able to sell someone a bike for their child there is an opportunity for repeat business from that customer as the child outgrows their bikes and there is also a chance to sell higher end bikes to the parents.

Understanding who is coming into the store for business makes it easier to cater to a specific campaign. Understanding the local communities needs allows for better business. If the community has a lot of bike trails and a lot of mountain bike traffic, you can focus a marketing campaign on that, while it may be a community with a lot of family oriented events, so promoting children’s bikes may be the way to go. This is all research that has been conducted in order to define their brand.

Understanding the location of the service has helped Wallingford Bike brand themselves. They understand their customers problems and IMPACT Branding and Design has come up with ways to solve these problems and cater to the needs of the local community customers.

The Community

Providing information to customers allows Wallingford Bike Barn to build a reliable relationship with the community. Wallingford Bike Barn’s about me statement says, “We understand that the cycling experience is a way for many of us to discover our dreams in unpredictable ways. That’s why we make it our mission to build relationships with our customers and the community, to help you realize those dreams.”

This quote directly connects with their target audience and clearly states what the companies brand stands for. By focusing on the communities needs and dedication to each individual customer Wallingford Bike Barn has been a successful business for over 50 years and is continuing to grow.

Key Takeaways for Local Brand Development

  • Define your brand by focusing on who the company is, who needs to know the company, what the customer’s problems are and learn how to solve those customer’s problems

  • Make sure to understand how your company fits in to the local community, focus on community trends and environments

  • Make it easy for customers to relate to your brand and refer your product or service to others. When you are a local business people you want to make sure your brand is positively defined and established

Develop your Brand

If you are interested in learning how to develop your brand, Contact IMPACT and learn how we can help!


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Brittany Balog was a Senior Account Manager at IMPACT from 2012-2013. During her time here, she enjoyed diving into her client's organizations and developing comprehensive Inbound strategy to achieve their goals.

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