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LinkedIn Expands Company Pages with 3 New Features

LinkedIn Expands Company Pages with 3 New Features Blog Feature

July 1st, 2019 min read

LinkedIn has been hyper-focused all year on improving its platform to be more valuable for businesses and professionals alike. 

From improving groups to enhanced ad-targeting features, LinkedIn seems to be rolling out new features left and right. 

This week, the platform announced new features for LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn Pages was first announced in November, and was called the “next generation of company pages,” offering a new experience that is “built to foster active communities and conversations on LinkedIn with a company’s employees, customers, and followers.”

New improvements to Pages are aimed to help companies better manage their Pages, engage their audience, and drive results from their efforts.

The announcement also stated that going forward, the platform is planning to release new Page features once a quarter, so companies can enjoy consistent improvement to their experience on the platform. 

What’s New on LinkedIn Pages?

LinkedIn created a short video overviewing the recent changes: 

Custom Call-To-Action Options 

A clear CTA is essential to any marketing campaign — so why should your social media platform be different? 

Because LinkedIn’s purpose is to connect professionals with content, advice, and resources that matter to them, an option to call out a clear “next step” on your company page can be helpful to successfully convert visitors. 

Now, LinkedIn has made this a reality — adding the ability for companies to add a custom CTA button to their LinkedIn page. 

Now, there will be five CTA button options: 

  • Contact Us 
  • Learn More 
  • Register
  • Sign Up 
  • Visit Website

Not only does this offer an opportunity to engage users, but it also provides valuable analytics information for teams to measure performance.

Through the new analytic dashboards, you can see how many visitors are clicking through, and gain insights into which format yields the best results. 

If you’re using CTAs on your company page, you can access the analytics dashboard in two places: the dashboard on the left-hand side of your Page Admin home, or at the very top of your Visitor Analytics tab.  

Note: CTA buttons will be shown on desktop only, so take that into consideration when evaluating referral traffic from LinkedIn vs. total CTA clicks.

Mobile Editing Options 

Welcome to 2019 LinkedIn! 

One of the most frustrating things about LinkedIn’s platform was the inability to edit on mobile. 

For some reason, in the past LinkedIn only allowed users to make basic edits on desktop. 

This was a huge limitation for the app, especially for busy social media managers who tend to be on the go. 

Now, LinkedIn has finally alleviated that pain point. 

Users can now edit company information, Page details, and posts that have already been published without having to run to a desktop.  

This change signifies yet another push to modernize the platform and make it easier for professionals to use effectively. 

Community Hashtags 

Hashtags were first introduced to LinkedIn about a year ago, and were mainly used to help users find content that matched their professional interests. 

Users could “pin” certain hashtags around topics they’d like to see more about, and they’d see relevant posts and articles pop into their feed. 

For brands, it meant that adding hashtags to articles and posts could mean reaching more people interested in that topic. 

Now, LinkedIn has added another avenue for brands to utilize hashtags with Community Hashtags

This feature enables brands to associate not just specific posts with a hashtag, but also their entire Company Page. 

Associating your Page with a relevant hashtag can enhance brand awareness for your organization outside of your normal follower base, and encourage these new users to get to know your brand outside of segmented posts. 

However, like the CTA feature, Community Hashtags will only be available on desktop. I hope to see this change in a future update, as mobile continues to become a bigger player in passive browsing. 

Final Thoughts 

Little by little, we’re seeing LinkedIn modernize its platform in order to reach its full potential. 

LinkedIn occupies a very unique space in the social media landscape, but its core product has been slow to adapt in comparison to other mainstream social media platforms. 

If the company continues to make updates like these, in which it’s not only introducing new, valuable features but also fixing its shortcomings, I believe LinkedIn can become more powerful as both a professional networking resource and a marketing and sales tool. 

As previously noted, the platform is planning to release updates each quarter, so we’ll see what’s in store for Q3! 

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