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What Life Goal Should You Tackle First? - FREE Worksheet [MarketHer Ep. 15]

What Life Goal Should You Tackle First? - FREE Worksheet [MarketHer Ep. 15] Blog Feature

Published on December 7th, 2017

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Here is a list of actual queries I Googled last Friday:

  • Life planner
  • How to organize my life
  • How to organize my growth
  • Online life planner
  • How to manage personal growth
  • What the heck am I actually doing!?!

From joining the IMPACT team to accepting a new leadership position as the Principal Strategist of the Frank Pod (formerly known as Puppy Pawed), this year has been the most fueled and exciting in my life so far in terms of personal and professional growth.

With now 15 episodes of MarketHer planned, recorded, and released, we've covered a number of topics of growth like women in leadership, work/life balance, physical health, and even the dreaded impostor syndrome. 

I've also been involved in IMPACT's Book Club (oh, yeah - we have a Book Club!) and we've been reading Emotional Agility from Susan David. This book has become a playbook for building a strong emotional foundation to support all the growth that I want to see in myself. 

But, then last Friday happened. 

From being a new leader to being a homeschooling mom of five, I have so many big important areas in my life in which I want to grow, that I want to learn and do better in, but after committing to our health challenge in last week's MarketHer episode, I realized I finally took on one-too-many-things. 

I've been reading, listening, coaching my team and trying to do it all while kissing, feeding, and love my kids AND keeping current on all things marketing.

I've been absorbing content but struggling to see how it fit into the bigger picture of my growth. 

I was: 

  • Feeling blessed/lucky to have so many opportunities and resources to grow
  • Overwhelmed with the activities I was doing and directions I was heading
  • Confused with so many areas of growth - where do I even start?

Fortunately, I found a solution!

My professional life is focused on consulting businesses on areas of their growth, coaching my team to develop the goals around that growth, and supporting them in creating effective plans to achieve it - exactly what I needed to be doing for myself! 

I then spent an hour doing four things that really helped me go from a cloud of a well-intentioned mess to a woman with a clear plan for focused growth in the areas that matter most to me right now. 

In this week's episode, I share those four things and BONUS: we've developed a worksheet to help you do the same thing!

Download Your Free Worksheet!

We took our four-step plan and make it into a worksheet. Keep in mind, the worksheet isn't magic, but it will help you organize your thoughts, set your goals and should be used as an accountability tool for you to choose only the best activities to help you grow in the areas you want to most!


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