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By: Dan Baum on December 6th, 2012

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Lead Generation Opportunities: Is Your Homepage Lacking?

Lead Generation

lead generationThe most common thing that a lead uses a company's website for is to do research. So why is it that so many marketers out there aren't utilizing a company's homepage as the first means of attack when it comes to lead generation?

It's the first thing that your leads can see, so why not make it as optimized as possible for lead generation? Most of the time the homepage goes overlooked, but actually the homepage has many different opportunities for generating leads.

Any web visitor can make a decision on whether or not to use your company within the first few seconds of seeing your site. What this means for you is that you have an extremely short window of time to capture your leads, offer them something, and get them into your lead database.

What you want to accomplish with your webpages is bringing your web traffic out to light, so that you as marketers can further push them down your sales funnel, creating customers and profit for your company. This post will tell you exactly how to take advantage of your homepage, and use it to revamp your lead generation.

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Keep Messaging Clear

You need to be 100% positive that when leads see your site, they will be able to know exactly what your company stands for, and what your company is trying to do for that lead. Now this means that you need big bold text without the flowery industry specific mumbo-jumbo that nobody understands. Within the first 10 seconds of seeing your homepage, your leads need to say "okay this company will help me fix my struggling marketing plan".

You want to entice your customers. The longer they stay on your site, the bigger the chance that they will stay even longer, and the bigger chance that they will become your next loyal customer. This can drastically improve your lead generation by keeping more of your web traffic on your site for longer periods of time.

Add Pictures

I know when I see a plain site that uses a generic template that just added their logo, I feel like I would be dealing with some robot that just wants my money. By adding pictures; specifically of other people, you give the impression that your customers will be dealing with an actual person, and that your not treating them like another number.

You want to establish a sort of connection with your leads, and by adding pictures you build trust.

Education is a Great Highlight

As I said before, your leads are performing research on your site. So why not give them something educational? Highlight an ebook you wrote that further explains your message as a brand, but also gives them the information that they are looking for.

Your lead generation should encompass your brand and express the true value in using your company. If the content you give them is good, they will come back for more!

Utilize Social Media

If your leads liked the free content you just gave them, they should be looking around your site for more ways to connect with you. Then they see these strangely convenient buttons linking to your social media accounts! Perfect. Now they will connect with you off of your site, further building the trustful relationship that you've established earlier.

Homepages are great, but they are even better when they generate a huge amount of leads for your company! Get started ASAP to start seeing your lead generation improve.

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About Dan Baum

Dan Baum is a Marketing Coordinator at IMPACT. For several years, he's aided in client strategy execution and content creation.

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