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By: Dan Baum on December 24th, 2012

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for your Lead Generation

Lead Generation

lead generationToday is the last day you can scramble around and get those last minute gifts! It's a crazy time of year, and everyone and their dog is out finding those perfect gifts. Maybe you're running around too, or maybe you just want to polish up the last few days of your holiday marketing plans.

Don't let your marketing slip while you're away! You need to make sure your lead generation is up to snuff for the holidays.

There is a lot of things that you can do for your lead generation right before the holidays. Easy opportunities like emails and landing pages are really easy to do and can have a real impact while you're relaxing by a fireplace this holiday. So in honor of all my fellow procrastinators, here are some last minute lead generation opportunities that you can take advantage of before you head off on your holiday breaks.

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Generate Leads With Effective CTA's

Everyone is in the holiday mood. People are hopping around and there is an over-demand of holiday themed everything. Give leads what they want! Make some new simple CTA's with jingle bells and snowmen to make everyone happy :)

Simplicity is key. Adding holiday graphics and words to your CTA's can be risky. You don't want to cram the normal information you have on a CTA on a holiday one, because you have to accommodate all the extra stuff that is holiday related. You don't want them to be overwhelmed by your crowded CTA.

Don't forget the "Action" in your "Call-To-Action". Make sure you tell your leads what to do! Make sure your verb is there, or your lead generation won't be where it should.

Location, location, location. These CTA's should only be on your site around the holidays, so make sure they are in a good place and can be seen by leads.

Also, don't forget to end holiday CTA lead generation campaigns after New Year's! It's unprofessional.

Use Holiday Landing Pages for Lead Generation

Running a holiday sale? Create a landing page for it! Talk about your lowered prices that are only there for the holidays, and that they need to act now. These holiday marketing campaigns are important. People are searching frantically around for any deal, so by highlighting how you've lowered prices for the holiday, you are improving your lead generation dramatically.

Also make sure you link to the actual product pages. If your company is selling any kind of holiday themed product, advertise them on your landing pages. You want to spread holiday cheer and show that your company isn't as stiff as people might think. You also want to convey a sense of urgency to your leads, so that you can effectively make a profit at the same time.

Schedule a Friendly Holiday Email

You don't always have to try and sell potential leads something with every lead generation effort you make. Segment your leads so that you can send an easy "Happy Holidays" email to your leads. A fun and easy-going holiday email can help reinforce your company with a more human touch than one of those salesy last minute emails.

Don't be afraid to send them an offer though! Let them know that even though it's very late, they can still order products online that can ship by a certain date. Also make sure your leads know if you're closed on the holiday or if you are staying open late for those last minute shoppers.

Don't Forget the Post-Holiday Rush

What is Dec. 26 for? Spending all the money they got the day before of course! Make sure you keep your holiday marketing up and running past the holiday for those self-spenders as well!

With these last-minute lead generation tips in place, you can kick back and relax this holiday and not worry about how your lead generation is suffering!

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Dan Baum is a Marketing Coordinator at IMPACT. For several years, he's aided in client strategy execution and content creation.

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