42 Best Landing Page Examples for Lead Generation in 2019 [Updated]

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42 Best Landing Page Examples for Lead Generation in 2019 [Updated] Blog Feature

Published on July 12th, 2018

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A landing page is no ordinary website terrain. 

Like an alien discovering a new planet, a prospect "lands" there  giving you the opportunity to make them an offer, gather their information, and "make contact."

It's exciting. Yet, despite this excitement, it's easy and quite common to get caught up in the ho-hum of creating one

You have a new offer, grab your go-to template, clone the same form you use every time... Where's the sense of adventure?

Where's the creative exploration that makes your reader actually want to convert?

The landing page examples below come from a wide range of industries and feature unique designs guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing and inspire lead generation genius

Below each example, I've included a summary of what each brand did right so you can get some ideas of what to include in your own design to increase conversions and overall success.

When you’re finished with the list, let us know which design was your favorite and why in the comments!

1. Amazon



How they got it right:

  • Places call-to-action right at the top of the page
  • Uses a video 
  • Features the stars of the movie for a touch of Influencer Marketing/Social Proof
  • Messaging uses exclusivity and incentives to encourage conversion; also speaks directly to Prime users.
  • Funnels people to related products (alternative conversion opportunities)

2. Uber


How they got it right:

  • Headline speaks to a common user pain point - work schedule flexibility
  • Form is placed high up on the page
  • Clear and concise copy
  • Highlights the 3 biggest reasons to convert
  • Big visual of a friendly, relatable person  

3. Unbounce

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • Everything above the fold is designed to direct you to the opt-in form.

  • The red image contrasts with the black background, grabbing your attention and directing your eyes to the headline and subtext.

  • From there, two arrows guide your eyes to the opt-in form on the right.

  • For those who are undecided, the rest of the landing page reads as a sales letter including the features, a list of contributing experts, and testimonials.

4. Snapchat


How they got it right:

  • Incorporates video
  • Explains exactly what you're getting above the fold
  • Bold, on-brand use of color
  • Use animated graphics to illustrate functionality
  • Shows brand logos to incorporate social proof 

5. Basecamp

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • The design is very minimal and features an animated guy with a big smile that is very inviting.

  • The headline uses social proof by showing how many companies have signed up in the last week, which makes the reader think “well, if all of those companies like Basecamp it must be worth checking out!”

  • They do a great job of removing barriers to entry by offering a 60-day free trial, instead of the usual 30 days and by not requiring a credit card to sign up.

  • To remove any further barriers to entry they have answered a list of common concerns below the fold.

6. Masterclass


How they got it right:

  • Capitalizes on video in its hero section
  • Leads with a clear and concise value proposition so you know exactly what you're getting
  • As you scroll, it details the tangibles 
  • Includes a testimonial with headshot
  • Includes social share links
  • Recommends additional content

7. Webprofits

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • The first thing that stands out about this page is the sleek and modern design that makes the brand look professional and established.

  • The headline has a strong emotional, alluding to beating the competition by having information that they don’t.

  • This is an excellent example of using visual aids to simplify a technical service. By including the images of a Google search and various page elements it allows you to know exactly what you’re getting, even if you don’t know anything about SEO.

  • They repeat their call to action on a bright yellow background and then a bright red background to ensure that it’s always eye-catching.


landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • H.BLOOM did a great job with drawing you into the experience of having a custom floral arrangement designed. Their use of elegant font and images of custom arrangements in a home, help explain the value they offer in a more tangible way. 

  • The form is above the fold and the description makes it very clear what you are getting.

  • People are busy and don’t like complicated tasks. The “HOW IT WORKS” section is the perfect way to remove any hesitation by showing how the entire process is completed in three easy steps, with the final step being the end result.

9. Litmus

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • The headline is friendly and personable, saying “Let’s stay in touch” instead of a bland subscribe to my newsletter.

  • The best thing about the form is that it only asks for one piece of information, an email, making it as easy as possible to sign up.

  • Most of us are cautious about who we give our email out to. Litmus eliminates that fear by allowing you to read previous emails so you know exactly what you’re getting into by subscribing.

10. Contently


How they got it right:

  • Uniquely presents copy in a pop-up, drawing attention to it. 
  • Leads with a testimonial
  • Clear and concise copy
  • Uses simple icons to aid message delivery
  • Minimalist design makes "get started" button stand out

11. Muck Rack

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • This page does a wonderful job of appealing to two separate personas without being confusing or distracting. There is a clear headline and call to action for each group above the fold.

  • The form is initially hidden, but slides in to grab your attention when your mouse slides over one of the CTA buttons.

  • Each section below the fold has a very clear and to-the-point headline that highlights the primary benefit, followed by a concise list of relevant features.

  • Testimonials from industry professionals on the side establish their credibility and also keep the page design balanced.

12. MuleSoft

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • Everything about this page is simple and straightforward. Even the title of the eBook is clear about the benefit -- How to Make Your App Enterprise Ready.

  • The social icons are great for adding social proof, although it would be better if they had more shares.

  • Using soft blue shades and white throughout the page allow the contrasting green “Submit” button to stand out and bring your eyes to the form.

13. Readitfor.me

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • People relate to other people more than a lifeless list of features. Readitfor does a great job of making the benefits of their service relatable by showing people (just like you) using and enjoying what they have to offer. 

  • The headline couldn’t explain their service more clearly and the description sparks your curiosity with a thought-provoking question.

  • Since this service provides video summaries of books, it only makes sense to feature a high-quality video above the fold that gives the viewer a sample of what to expect.

  • The form uses a contrasting color for the CTA button (orange) and is above the fold.

  • Below the fold, they’ve listed six reasons to choose their service that also explain the features for people who might be finding them for the first time.

14. Codecademy

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • The design above the fold is simple and free of distraction -- a clear headline, a relevant image, and a form with a bright red CTA button.

  • They also have the feature to login with Facebook or Google+, which lowers the barrier to conversion.

  • Below the fold, they don’t waste any time getting to what’s in it for you. The question “How can coding help you?” is answered with a video from a real student that’s had great success with their program.

15. Groupon

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • Sometimes less is more and Groupon proves that. Their headline is simple and personalized -- you can save this much money in the city you’re actually located in.

  • The form is white and centered on a green background, with only one field required, keeping the barrier to conversion as low as possible.

  • They’ve included a nice image to break up the blank background that adds a relevant visual cue without being distracting.

16. Patreon

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • The copy uses aspirational language that appeals to the reader’s desires. Instead of asking you to donate to their cause, they are inviting you to be a part of the process by supporting and engaging with artists as a “Patron of the Arts.”

  • The header image features an artist working and draws an immediate connection in your mind of what the service is all about.

  • A bright orange CTA button is front and center, contrasting with the darker background, making it impossible to ignore.

  • Clicking “Learn More” launches a video pop up that quickly explains what Patreon is and how it works.

17. CampusTap

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • The first thing you see on this page is a  striking image of a library that directly connects with the company's value, a private college network.

  • There’s a limited amount of text, keeping your attention focused and minimizing effort on the part of the user.

  • Even though there is a lot going on in the image, they placed the bright blue CTA box over a dark area so that it stands out.

18. Todoist

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • The easier it is for a visitor to convert, the more likely they will. Clicking the bright red button pops up the form that says “sign up in seconds” and allows you to sign in with an existing Google+ account. 

  • By saying “over 2 million people are doing amazing things with Todoist” provides social proof and probes the question “why aren’t you?”.

  • The background image scrolls through different short videos showing a variety of scenarios where you could use the app yourself. It also gives you a glimpse of what it looks like on different devices.

19. Wave

How they got it right:

  • Now, this is a great headline. Who doesn’t want to spend their time doing what they love? Rather than focus on the features of the software, they are expressing the end result for you.

  • The image works very well because it gives you a visual of an actual customer and he’s looking right at you with a smile, which adds an element of trust and humanization.

  • The form keeps the number of fields limited, making the barrier to conversion low.

20. Vivino

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • The Use of red here stands out on the black background and it draws the mental connection to wine.

  • The headline is simple, concise, and gives you the most important reason to download their app.

  • Using a three-step area highlights the simplicity of the app, which could be a barrier to entry for older folks who enjoy wine but aren’t tech-savvy.

21. Last Days of Ivory

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • Convincing people to support your cause can be challenging. Last Days of Ivory uses bold and powerful design to evoke a sense of urgency.

  • Using the phrase “TAKE ACTION” in the CTA is much more effective than asking for support. It implies that clicking this button actually makes a difference right now.

  • By saying “this is terrorism you can actually do something about” it appeals to your emotion by assuring you that your time and money are not wasted and that you are having a positive impact.

22. Trulia

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • The copy and form are centered in the middle of the screen and contrast nicely with the darker background.

  • The headline asks a question that their ideal persona has and the CTA offers the answer. There’s no other information on the page to distract from this single goal.

  • The image is relatable with a woman sitting on her couch with papers spread everywhere and her laptop on her lap -- implying that you won’t need to hassle with the papers if you simply download your personalized report.

23. Shopify

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • "Trust by over 150,000 businesses worldwide" and the publications under the video serve as excellent social proof. With elements like this in place, Shopify is able to reduce doubt and improve their credibility.
  • The bullet points are both clear and easily digestible (This is what you need to know..1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.)
  • The explainer video provides them with an opportunity to give visitors a look at what they can expect from Shopify without having to read through a ton of dense copy. 
  • The form is super short. By limiting the number of form fields to just three, Shopify is lowering the barrier to conversion. 
  • The call-to-action is doing all of the right things. Not only did they employ a contrasting color, but the button text strays away from the traditional "Sign Up" or "Submit" that we've grown so accustomed to seeing. 

24. Applause

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • Between the header and the bullet points, users know exactly what to expect behind the form.
  • The form is located above the fold, and it's stacked into 3 columns which helps to shorten the page and make it feel more manageable. 
  • The line, "Don't worry. We respect your privacy", aims to absolve hesitation and make people feel more comfortable about passing out their contact information.
  • The combination of logos from existing customers and real-life faces with featured tweets serves as great social proof. While people are often skeptical of testimonials, real tweets provide visitors with the contact information of those endorsing the brand so they can reach out if they have a question about their experience with the product/service. 


landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • The header is specific and clearly states what is being offered.
  • The written content follows an "F-shaped pattern" which eyetracking visualizations have shown to be the prefered way in which users read web pages. (F-shaped pattern = two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe.)
  • The button is both contrasting and inviting. The world "explore" is very similar to the word "discover" and "reveal", which CopyHacker's Joanna Wiebe refers to as "low friction words."
  • The page is short and doesn't require the visitor to do any unnecessary scrolling. 

26. Tumblr

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • The minimalist approach relies heavily on the image rather than the content to sell the platform, as Tumblr is know for it's compelling visual content. 
  • The blue call-to-action is contrasting and prominent on the page. 
  • The form is short and requires very little commitment from the visitor's end. According to Unbounce, anywhere between 3-5 form fields is ideal for lead generation.
  • The numbers at the bottom work to provide social proof, increase credibility, and address the all-too-common pain point - "I don't have enough time." (It only takes 30 seconds to join.)
  • When users see that their image has been featured on the homepage, it's likely that they'll share the page with their friends and followers (bragging rights for the user, a new stream up traffic for Tumblr.)

27. LaborSync

landing page examples

How they got it right:

  • Could the header be any more clear? Honestly?
  • The form adheres to the "3-5 field" rule of thumb to help lower the barrier to conversion.
  • They've included a subscribe checkbox on the form to help grow their subscriber list. For more on how this small inclusion can impact your growth, check out this article from HubSpot
  • The author bio works to establish trust and credibility by including a picture and clearly defining his credentials. 
  • The warm orange button contrasts nicely against the cool blue background to draw the reader's eye.

28. Drift


How they got it right:

  • Tells you right-of-the-bat their SaaS will help your sales team generate more leads, schedule more meetings or consultations, while also helping you close more deals faster.
  • Gives you the opportunity to try through a 14-day trial
  • Includes testimonial 
  • Uses their own tool on the page.

29. Quick Sprout


How they got it right:

  • Tell you exactly who is going to teach you (Neil Patel), what he’s going to teach you (how to increase your search traffic, how to generate social traffic without using ads, and link building tactics), and how you can get access to the webinar (filling out the form).
  • Makes the webinar feel more intimate and one-on-one with language like“I want Neil to teach me how to grow my business.”
  • Short and to the point.

30. Unbounce


How they got it right:

  • A large image tells you exactly what you’re going to get: An eBook that will help you generate more conversions without increasing your budget.
  • Highlights value in quick, easy-to-read way
  • Includes social proof in the form of logos of the publications its advice and work has been published. This addition helps newcomers know that the writers of this eBook are legitimate, trusted professionals and that what they share in this document will likely be no different.

31. Blue Apron

Blue Apron  Fresh Ingredients  Original Recipes  Delivered to You.png

How they got it right:

  • Makes signing up look and feel easy with only 3 simple steps (filling a completion bar at the top)
  • Removes friction by assuring you there’s no commitment
  • Shows its value with points on personalized menus and convenient delivery.
  • Includes social proof in the form of logos

32. Slack


How they got it right:

  • Leads with a video in the hero section of the page showing you how simple Slack is. 
  • Highlights all of its major features 
  • Includes a compelling, aspirational value proposition

33. LastPass


How they got it right:

  • Explains how easy it is to set up and start using it with three simple steps.
  • Details the products value using easy to understand icons and clear copy.
  • Doesn't include a form, taking an unconventional, less aggressive approach.

34. Zoom

Zoom Meetings  .png

How they got it right:

  • Keeps the form as minimal as possible; only one field to get started.
  • Microtext makes it clear that they only want business email addresses, helping to keep their contact database clean of unqualified leads. 
  • Leaves no stone unturned about what’s included in their web conferencing system.
  • Displays examples of how your screen could look when you’re video conferencing; a big differentiator for Zoom.
  • Similar to Drift, Zoom also uses a live chat to help you answer any questions you have while browsing their page.

35. Plated


How they got it right:

  • Clear highlights their plans.
  • Makes it really easy for you to select how many meals you’d like to receive each week.
  • Includes testimonials ensure you that what you’re getting will be as tasty as the company claims.

36. Magnolia Market

The Magnolia House .png

While a majority of Magnolia Market is a retail space, they also have “The Magnolia Home” where you can stay on vacation.

How they got it right:

  • Tells you exactly what dates are available
  • Display real, customer-generated photos from their stays that help you realistically picture yourself staying in the home and treating it as your own.
  • Makes it easy to book your stay
  • Also has a secondary conversion point to subscribe to their newsletter to learn more about the House and Market.

37. Bombfell


Sometimes we all just need a new wardrobe. Bombfell’s landing page takes this idea and makes it part of its big value.

How they got it right:

  • Makes process look easy by outlining four simple steps.
  • Reduces friction by making it clear you’re only paying for the clothes you like, nothing you don’t and no styling fees.
  • Uses real photos showcasing the box you receive and some of the items you might receive as well.

38. Wayfair


Who knew Wayfair had a wedding registry, right?

How they got it right:

  • Clearly guides viewer to their next step whether it be getting started, managing an existing registry, or finding a friend's.
  • Adds transparency by highlighting brands they’re featuring.
  • Logos also act as social proof.
  • Tells you exactly why you should consider them over larger, more established options like Macy's or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. 

39. Square


Square effectively uses their landing page to get you the information you need to make an informed decision.

How they got it right:

  • Incorporates video
  • Friendly, relating hero image
  • Has visitors self-qualify by picking what type of business they are and whether their revenue is above or under $250,000.
  • Page is then personalized to fit your needs.
  • Features testimonials from companies similar to the visitor's, making it easy for them to see how your company could be impacted.

40. Basecamp


How they got it right:

  • Shows how their platform can help you improve your efficiency and get it together.
  • Utilizes customer testimonials and exact numbers.
  • Allows you to sign up with just an email address or a Google account.

41. HubSpot


No surprise, but HubSpot demonstrates some of the most effective, traditional techniques for a proper landing page in this example.

How they got it right:

  • Short and concise
  • Tells exactly what you’re getting
  • Builds emotional value (“saving countless hours”) with its copy.
  • Includes video and image feed that allow you to get a preview of the templates you’re going to receiv
  • Features a hello bar that allows you to easily access the resource and delivers social proof, saying “join the other 75,000+ companies” that have already downloaded the offer.

42. Salesforce


How they got it right:

  • Short and sweet with content
  • Makes offer clear in value proposition
  • Incorporates social proof including Norton Security, and copy like "World's #1 CRM"
  • Capitalizes on social login to simplify conversion



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