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By: Brittany Balog on November 13th, 2012

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Is your Blog a Snore or a Score?


blogJust as you don’t want people sleeping through your presentations, you don’t want them to fall asleep while reading your blog content either. So, how do you keep readers engaged?

This is simply not an easy task.

I constantly find myself reading the first two lines of an article and losing interest. With the amount of content available on the Internet keeping your blog articles interesting and lead generating at the same time seems impossible.

Putting a little extra elbow grease on a few main points of your content can help you feature attractive, resourceful content that keeps your readers wide awake.

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Article Title

If you don’t have an attractive blog title it will be very hard to gain readers. Not only are article headings displayed in larger font than the rest of the content, but it is also the first thing people will see. Incorporate something other than just what the article is about in the title. For example, “Is your Blog a Snore or Score,” tells you the article is about blogs but it is a catchy title that leaves the reader wanting to know what the snore or score means.

Titles are often the only thing people see on social media sites, specifically Twitter. Since you have character limits on titles and Twitter posts it is important to keep the title short and sweet as well. The key takeaway here is to quickly grab the reader’s attention.

Blog Image

Is your image interesting? Funny? Attention grabbing? On social media websites the image is often the biggest selling point. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN and especially Pinterest often rely on the image content in order to gain a click.

When selecting images for your content make sure they are relatable and fun. I would much rather want to know why a person is laying on a desk snoring than seeing a plain image with more words describing the article or a typical social media logo. It is another way to engage the reader to wanting to know what the article will be about.

Relevant Links 

Once your titles and images have attracted a reader to your content you must have a plan on where to lead them next. Your content should be lead generating in order to gain the leads you need. To get these leads you need the readers to fill out forms with their information. Did you include relevant links to ebooks, other blogs, your website, free consultations? Incorporating relevant links for readers to stay engaged with your content is key.

When incorporating relevant links in your content make sure they are going to appropriate landing pages. The landing pages should contain offers that are relevant to the content your lead was reading. Stay on the same subject and present an offer they will want to receive so that they won’t be intimidated by submitting their information.


Your blog presents several opportunities to strategically place call-to-actions. You can place them on the sidebar and at the bottom of the page. Always try to push the reader to somewhere of interest. Focus should always be to generate leads. Placing these CTA’s around your content is another way to get your leads to a landing page so that you can obtain their information. Test out different CTA’s to see which work best. Analyzing and measuring the success of your CTA’s will help you better place them in future articles.

Although it seems like there is a lot work to keeping your readers from dozing off these ideas are actually easier to complete then you would think.

To learn more about creating content that will keep generating leads for your business read our ebook, “How to be the King of Content Marketing” or Contact IMPACT to learn how we can help!


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