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Introducing MarketHer: A new IMPACT Show for Women in Creative Careers

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Introducing MarketHer: A new IMPACT Show for Women in Creative Careers Blog Feature

Published on September 13th, 2017

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Join us as we explore the challenges women in creative careers, their teams, and the spouses that support them face in a new show by IMPACT, MarketHer.

We are releasing 3 (yes, 3!) episodes at once so you can get to know us, the show and what it’s all about. Let's get to it!

Ep. #1: Introducing a New IMPACT Show - MarketHer

In our inaugural episode, we introduce who we are, what the show is about and what you can expect to hear each week. A little about the hosts:

Angela Myrtetus

 500px_Square_Angela_Myrtetus.jpg"I’m a Senior Strategist here at IMPACT. I’m a mom of three and the wife to a radio personality here in Philly. While both our jobs can be demanding, we love our careers in the creative industry. Balancing all that with three kids, however, is why I’m doing this show. 

I still have things to learn, but also have things to share on how I’ve figured it out thus far. My vision for this show is to create a safe place for everyone, especially women, to share their challenges and successes on balancing work life. We all don’t do it perfectly, but you may have a gem of a tip that will save someone’s life - literally and figuratively."

Brie Rangel

500px_Square_Brie_Rangel.jpg"Hi everyone! I’m the Director of Client Services here at IMPACT in my day job, and wife and dog mom every other minute of the day. This show is important to me because as I’ve grown in my career, I’ve realized there really are unique challenges women face and not a ton of resources (other than generic self-help) to help us figure it all out. I want this show to be an outlet for anyone who experiences those challenges so they can relate and hopefully learn new strategies and tactics for how to deal.

My long-term vision would be for us to build a community of strong men and women who can help change the social norms that put us in these challenges the first place. But first things first, check out our first episode :)"

Britt Schwartz

500px_Square_Britt_Schwartz.jpg"Hi, there! I’m Britt Schwartz, a 30-ish homeschooling mom of 5 and a Senior Strategist at IMPACT. My life isn’t conventional and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

MarketHer is something I’m extremely passionate about because throughout my career in creative agencies and in client-facing roles, I’ve experienced situations and challenges that I wish I would have a place to turn to that would have made me feel not alone and to find real solutions."

What Can You Expect to Hear About on a MarketHer Episode?

We are not presenting how-tos or written scripts to you. We’re simply sharing our stories around a topic each episode in hopes to start a larger conversation with all of you. Our topic areas include:

  • Creative career advice from ladies in the field
  • Gender issues in the workplace and at home
  • How to market yourself
  • How work and life collide

Have a topic you’d like to add to the discussion? Let us know in the comments!

How Often Do We Make a New Episode of MarketHer?

For now, we’re doing one episode a week (except this awesome bonus week!) and only plan to do a 12-week experiment, with the show notes going live on Wednesdays. We need to hear from you if this content works and if you want us to keep going!

When is the Best Time to Watch MarketHer?

This is a conversational, fun show. It’s best consumed with a cocktail in hand with good friends who you know can also relate.

We encourage you to discuss among yourselves after each episode and let us know if you have additional advice or need additional support in the comments!

Ep. #2: Hurricane Harvey - How to Deal When Your Life Flips Upside Down - MarketHer

Our second episode was not planned.

Well, we had a plan, but when Mother Nature intervened and affected two of the three hosts, we thought it was more appropriate and timely to discuss what’s really going on with our team.

If you or someone you know was impacted by Hurricane Harvey or Irma, this is a can’t-miss episode. We discuss how both Brie and Britt have been dealing with chaos and what it’s taught them about what’s important in life.

Brie is in Houston, which was deeply impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Although her home was spared, her hometown was not. Hear how she’s dealing with the emotion of not being displaced but seeing everything she knows wiped out. She also discusses how she’s balancing work while dealing with the aftermath, and what she’s learned along the way.

Britt, on the other hand, was not as lucky and was unfortunately displaced. At the same time as Hurricane Harvey, her town in Florida had a massive storm that flooded her home. As we all just witnessed, her town was again impacted by Hurricane Irma. Since then, she’s been on the road trying to find stability for her family, while still balancing work. Hear how she’s tackled this and the positive lessons we’ve all learned from the experience.

Although it sounds like a Debby Downer episode, it’s not. We’re still smiling, working through it all and finding the positive in everything.


Ep. #3: Confronting Competition in the Workplace - MarketHer

Have you ever experienced unhealthy competition at work? Have you ever been called “catty” or “aggressive?” We have, and we’re laying it all out!

With special guest, Stacy Willis, a Strategist here at IMPACT, we dig into four scenarios each of us has experienced to discuss what happened, what we learned and what questions we still have/advice we still need.

If you can relate to any of the following challenges, YOU may be able to help - let us know in the comments below!

Britt: How onboarding a new team member is exciting, but also potentially threatening. How she dealt with it and made it a positive instead of a negative.

Angela: When the environment you work in forces the unhealthy competition (and how to make friends anyways!)

Brie: How tapping into her competitive side was seen as been too aggressive. What does that mean and how can you be perceived correctly? She also shares how she learned to use her competitive nature for good.

Stacy: How to go from a male-dominated workforce to predominately female. She discusses the fears she had going into the new environment, and what it was really like as she learned what it’s like to work with mostly women.

Stay Tuned for More!

And there you have it - three episodes for your viewing pleasure!

As we continue this 12-week experiment, we need you to let us know what you think, what’s missing and if you’d like us to continue. We are 100% open to topics you suggest and want to make this your show as much as ours.

Subscribe on iTunes and tune in next week for our next episode: #4: Working From Home Woes and What to Do About it! 

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From balancing a career and family to overcoming the dreaded imposter syndrome, the hosts of MarketHer have seen it all. Through our shared experiences, we tackle how women can be more confident in their careers and learn how to be comfortable with the chaos of juggling it all. Subscribe and join us each week!

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