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Instagram Testing Quiz Stickers in Stories to Further Boost Engagement

Instagram Testing Quiz Stickers in Stories to Further Boost Engagement Blog Feature

February 7th, 2019 min read

Instagram is continuing to invest in Stories big time!

The social media platform appears to be in the process of launching a new “Quiz Sticker” that users can add to their Stories.

Speculation around this feature has been ongoing since July, but Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong spotted a new variation of the tool just last week.


Essentially, Quiz Stickers are an interactive feature that allows users to pose a question to their audience and add in multiple answer options for them to choose from.

When selected, the feature will highlight the chosen answer.

Currently, little is known about the analytic information received on the backend, but we can expect it’s similar to the “polling” and “question” option Instagram currently offers.

The added benefit of Quiz Stickers verses the existing polling option is that users can load in more than 2 possible answers, and add more characters.


Additionally, Quiz Stickers tend to stand out a bit more and are more interactive by nature, which will likely prompt more engagement from users.

More Engagement Opportunities for Brands

When rolled out, Quiz Stickers can be a great tool for brands to boost engagement in their Stories.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram Stories are viewed by 500 million users each day.

That means each day your brand isn’t posting an Instagram Story, you’re likely missing out on reaching a huge pool of your audience.

With all the advanced algorithms dictating your newsfeed, it’s not always a guarantee that all of your followers will see each photo you post. With their prominent placement and sense of urgency, the chances are much higher of them viewing your Story.

Quiz Stickers can work to make more powerful interactions on the views you receive on your Stories.

Not only can they help generate brand awareness like a standard Story post, but they go beyond that by allowing marketers to gain real audience engagements and insights on those views.

Marketers can use this feature to gauge audience feedback, promote a new product or event, and pose questions to understand what your audience wants from your brand.

It seems as though this feature is still in testing mode, but based on the shared tweet from Jane Manchun Wong, it looks like they’re getting close to launching for all audiences.

Stay on the lookout!

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