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INFOGRAPHIC: Expert Quotes on HubSpot

INFOGRAPHIC: Expert Quotes on HubSpot Blog Feature

August 1st, 2012 min read

Quotes on HubSpotAs certified partners of HubSpot, our team here at IMPACT Branding & Design utilizes their software in order to offer our clients a more effective, measurable inbound marketing campaign. In fact, we feel so strongly about their software that we've created an infographic featuring industry quotes on HubSpot.

This week, Brand Manager Bobby Kane (@bobbyjkane) created this great infographic, taking several industry leaders who have experience with HubSpot's software, and put them together in one infographic. The purpose here was to create an infographic that also doubled as a testimonial for the HubSpot software, conveying both value and success to anyone looking to implement the HubSpot software to their marketing campaign. So check out the infographic below, and be sure to inquire about how IMPACT can create a powerful inbound marketing strategy for your company using the HubSpot software.

Interested in using HubSpot's software? Give us a call here at IMPACT and let us set you up with a free trial!

INFOGRAPHIC: Expert Quotes on HubSpot

INFOGRAPHIC: Expert Quotes on HubSpot

INFOGRAPHIC: Expert Quotes on HubSpot

Quotes on HubSpot

Larry Levenson, co-owner of Sigma Web Marketing – "Their support is available by chat, phone, or email, and are very responsive or friendly."

ZDNet, The Best in information technology & Tech Industry Issues – "HubSpot is kind of an amazing company. Their approach to integration is as intelligent as their highly focused management of their mission and vision."

Demand Gen Report, Publication focused on the strategies, tactics, & measurements that are central to generating demand – "We're finding HubSpot to be a well conceived platform that takes a lot of the guess work out of the equation."

Ken Lynch, Director of Marketing ThingMagic – "We implemented HubSpot well over a year ago and it's now a crucial element of our sales and marketing systems' infrastructure."

Dan Moyle, Multimedia Marketing & Communications Specialist, AmeriFirst Home Mortgage – "Google analytics, Twitter counter, Facebook insights, email lead's all within the HubSpot platform."

Vin Gaeta, Support Manager, IMPACT Branding & Design – "The HubSpot CMS makes it simple to track your leads, increase sales, and get that ROI you've been chasing."

Impressed with the HubSpot?

Contact IMPACT today and learn how we can use HubSpot to implement a powerful marketing campaign for your company!

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