By: Liz Murphy

on October 3rd, 2017

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Creator's Block #42 [Podcast]: 2 Exhausted Creatives Recap #INBOUND17 Blog Feature Subscribe

By: Liz Murphy

 on October 3rd, 2017

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Creator's Block #42 [Podcast]: 2 Exhausted Creatives Recap #INBOUND17

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Jessie-Lee and I are back this week, fresh off HubSpot's #INBOUND17 conference in Boston. We spent three full days with 21,400+ of our closest friends in the INBOUND community, learning and getting inspired -- so needless to say, we're a little tuckered.

But we're not too tired to talk about our biggest takeaways.

Prior to this year, Jessie-Lee and I had both been to INBOUND more than a handful of times as part of the Quintain team -- this year, however, was distinctly different. 

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Not only was the tone of this year's conference a departure from previous years, we were there as new members of the IMPACT family. (Oh, and we were named HubSpot's Partner Agency of the Year, which is kind of a big deal.)

For 2017, we didn't go the ho-hum route, passively attending sessions to get a few tactical takeaways to start using back at home.

Instead, we worked. We did live website throwdowns. We were moved by incredible speakers. We crushed some of our personal, big, audacious goals -- and now realize we need new ones. We gained perspective.

Most of all, we learned we don't just want to grow for the sake of it -- we want to grow to be better.


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What We Talked About

  • Big themes of diversity, inclusion, and positivity.
  • Jessie-Lee went to INBOUND to learn... and came home with a mattress.
  • Moving beyond the marketing trope of "authenticity" to a new level of self-awareness.
  • The importance of growing better, not just bigger.
  • How, if you want to stand out, you have to be okay with not fitting in.
  • My INBOUND session wasn't a complete bomb.
  • That one time I embarassed myself in front of Dharmesh at INBOUND Rocks.
  • A tiny rant about buyer personas.
  • What we loved the most about INBOUND this year.
  • ...and more!

Resources We Talked About

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As IMPACT's content strategist, Liz does more than wrangle commas. With more than 10 years of editorial and inbound marketing experience, she's obsessed with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that's absurdly useful and effective. (She also works with in-house contributors and clients as an editor, strategist, interviewer, coach, and sometimes therapist.) No matter which hat she's wearing, her goal is simple -- to empower organizations and thought leaders to differentiate themselves and drive measurable results through game-changing content. Throughout her career, Liz has worked with organizations across a wide range of industries -- from cyber security and health care, to government sales and insurance. Liz lives in Annapolis, Maryland, with her husband and two dogs. She loves public radio and is also a freelance beer writer and an enthusiastic camper. Finally, she has very aggressive feelings about pineapple on pizza. (It's best not to engage her on that topic.)

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