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By: Carolyn Edgecomb on July 21st, 2013

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Inbound Marketing Trends: July 21, 2013

inbound marketing trendsHappy Sunday!

And ... it's also National Ice Cream Day!

I'm not sure about you, but to beat this heat I will definitely be cooling off with an ice cream cone.

Two of the best stories to hit social media this week was the come back of Twinkies and Heineken's "Departure Roulette" campaign.

Would you drop everything to fly to a mysterious location? (It might depend on the situation, but it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly to a new place.)

Whether you'd hit the "Departure Roulette" button or not, we’ve collected the inbound marketing trends and put them all in one convenient place.

Thank you for joining us on our blog this past week.  We hope you have enjoyed what you’ve read, and hope to see you back here next week for the latest inbound marketing trends!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Inbound Marketing Trends

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The Power of Data in the Age of the Customer

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Four Ways Businesses Can Increase Engagement with Foursquare

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Knowing your Audience can Prevent your Next Marketing Crisis

Crises happen when companies don't understand the expectations of their audience. Don't let a marketing crisis happen to you. (Read More)

The 7 Elements of Inbound Storytelling

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