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By: John Bonini

 on January 13th, 2013

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Inbound Marketing Trends: January 13, 2013

inbound marketing trendsGreetings, loyal blog readers!

As the week comes to an end year, as always, we've collected all the latest inbound marketing trends and content from the previous week and reposted them here for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for stopping by the blog this week, and don't forget to revisit us next week for even more resourceful inbound marketing content.


Inbound Marketing Trends

Improving the 4 Most Important Elements of Your Landing Pages

Learn how to optimize your landing pages with these best practices and see improved conversion rates. (Read more...)

In the Ring: Link Building Vs. Content Marketing

IMPACT delves into why link building is important, but explains why having a high quality content marketing strategy is the most important SEO tactic of all.  (Read more...)

9 Ways to Turn Your Buyer Personas Into Customers

Do you know what affects the purchasing decisions of your ideal prospects? By creating detailed buyer personas, you'll more effectively close sales.  (Read more...)

How to Approach Keyword Implementation in 2013

As Google's algorithm continues to change, do you know how to approach your keyword implementation for 2013? Don't waste your time and resources.  (Read more...)

8 Lead Management Practices that Lead to Conversions

An effective lead management system will help you effectively sort through leads, and increase the likelihood of converting leads into customers.  (Read more...)

Using Marketing Automation Software to your Advantage

Learn about some little known benefits to using inbound marketing automation software that can improve your business’s bottom line.  (Read more...)

Buyer Personas: Are You Attracting the 21st Century Consumer?

Due to the dramatic consumer shift toward more personalized marketing, it's critical to feature more detailed buyer personas.  (Read more...)

The 5 Most Critical Elements of Email Marketing

Have you received the responses you'd hoped for from your Email marketing? This list of critical elements will help nuture leads down the sales funnel.  (Read more...)

How to Create Dynamite Buyer Personas Using Social Media

Learn how to utilize your social media platforms to create more accurate, detailed buyer personas.  (Read more...)

Are Internal Links in your Blog Posts Still Important?

Not sure if all those links you're putting in your posts are worth it? Well some are more than others! Find out more in this post on internal links.  (Read more…)

The HubSpot Software: Your Marketing Game Changer for 2013

Looking for a way to kickstart your marketing in 2013? We've detailed the HubSpot software and how it can make all the difference.  (Read more…)

How You Can Use Social Search to your Advantage

A closer look at how to use social search to your advantage, and how to best integrate SEO and social networking.  (Read more…) 

Thanks for joining us this week! We look forward to seeing you back on our blog next week!

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