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By: John Bonini on February 10th, 2013

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Inbound Marketing Trends: February 10, 2013

inbound-marketing-trends-february 10, 2013To all of you in the North East- hope you made it through the storm!

As you're digging yourself out from the blizzard or enjoying better weather, check out our collection of blog posts from the past week,  which cover all the latest inbound marketing trends.

Enjoy! Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing you back on the blog this week!

Inbound Marketing Trends

An Inch Short of a Sandwich: Subway and the Power of Social Media

The recent lawsuits against Subway's 'short' foolongs is yet another example of how the power of social media can effect a company. (Read More...)

Sales & Marketing Alignment: How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Sales & marketing alignment accounts for a more targeted marketing approach. In order to shorten your sales cycle, all teams need to be on the same page. (Read More...)

How To Give Your Marketing Content A Quick Quality Makeover

Some easy to follow steps that will help you quickly and easily inject quality into your marketing content. (Read More...)

4 Essential Ways for Creating Marketing Your Prospects Will Love

This article will help you in creating marketing your prospects will love using HubSpot tools and marketing best practices. (Read More...)

The Tricks For Promoting Your Offers Through Social Media Effectively

This is a guide for promoting your offers on various social media platforms to obtain the highest amount of activity and responses. (Read More...)

Buyer Personas: What You Should Know About Your Ideal Prospect

Implementing detailed buyer personas to your campaign will greatly increase your volume of qualified, sales-ready leads. (Read More...)

Your FAQ Treasure Map for Ranking High in Google+ Local Search

Some answers to some frequently asked questions about Google+ local search. (Read More...)

The 8-Point Checklist to Review Before Your Landing Page Goes Live

These 8 points will help you in reviewing your company's landing pages before you publish them to ensure maximum efficiency and consistency. (Read More...)

6 Tips for Optimizing Your On-Page SEO Before Your Page Goes Live

Before publishing any new page on your website, follow this six-point on-page SEO checklist to ensure your page is fully optimized. (Read More...)

How to Make Your Content Marketing Unique

Learn about the importance of unique value in your content marketing efforts and why it means better business for you. (Read More...)

5 Ways 'Progressive Profiling' Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

Lengthy landing page forms kill your conversion rates. Learn how a new progressive profiling feature in HubSpot will change this. (Read More...)

How to Effectively Utilize Facebook and Twitter for Webinars

We've detailed a few ideas on how to effectively integrate social media promotion from Facebook and Twitter into your company's webinars. (Read More...)


Thanks for reading, we look forward to seeing you back on our blog this week!

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