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By: John Bonini on August 27th, 2012

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Inbound Marketing Case Studies: A Speedy Return on Investment

Case Studies

Inbound Marketing Case StudyThe following is part of IMPACT's inbound marketing case studies series, highlighting clients and their success with their inbound marketing campaign.

IMPACT's working relationship with Godfrey-Hoffman Associates dates back to 2010.

Godfrey-Hoffman Associates is a leading land surveying company located in North Haven, Connecticut. In 2010, Adam Hoffman first came to IMPACT for some design work, most notably his logo and print work.

From there, IMPACT redesigned the Godfrey-Hoffman website in 2011 and continued to work with Hoffman with updates and changes to the website.

In the spring of 2012, Hoffman contacted IMPACT about starting an inbound marketing campaign in an effort to have a more powerful, lead generating website. The relationship had grown from simple graphic work all the way to the implementation of an inbound marketing campaign.

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Generating More Leads with an Inbound Marketing Campaign

With land surveying, many homeowners and business owners are told they need a land survey, therefore there is a tendency to be a lot of confusion and frustration. Because of this, IMPACT saw a great opportunity to reach prospects using resourceful blog articles and premium content. Premium content such as Ebooks and whitepapers would be the main vehicle for generating leads, however the blogs would be essential for driving visitors to the premium content.

IMPACT generated three premium offers for the website, including "Steps to Choosing the Right Land Surveyor," "Top 10 Land Surveying Disasters to Avoid," as well as a case studies document.

Not only would these offers be promoted through the blog articles, but they are also prominently featured on the GHA homepage as calls-to-action.

Inbound Marketing Case Studies: A Clients Quick ROI

As you can see, the CTAs are prominently displayed in the slider as well as the two buttons below the slider. The first step for a lead generating website is having a lead generating homepage, and this ensured that the opportunities were there.

Traffic Increase with Inbound Marketing

By publishing fresh, original blogs on a consistent basis, the first notable benefit is an increase in traffic which in turn, will help to generate more leads.

In the first three months of their campaign, GHA saw increases in traffic across all mediums.

Inbound Marketing Case Studies: A Clients Quick ROI

A telling sign as to whether the visits you're getting are of value is to measure the amount of organic searches your website is getting. Organic searches come from people who find your website through search results in engines like Google after searching for terms related to you industry. If you're getting organic searches, your SEO is certainly strong and the opportunity for lead generation is greatly increase.

The chart below tracks the amount of organic searches GHA received in only the first four months of their inbound marketing campaign.

Inbound Marketing Case Studies: A Clients Quick ROI

As you can see, August is already shaping up to be their best month for organic searches since the start of the campaign. The more fresh content that continues to get published through their website will only mean even greater opportunity for organic searches in the future.

As mentioned earlier, with an increase in traffic comes greater opportunity for lead generation. The blog articles are driving people back to the website where the premium content is displayed through calls-to-action to generate leads. Ultimately, that's what all clients are looking for; leads.

While an inbound marketing campaign tends to be a gradual rise to success, GHA is already seeing improved lead generation only a few months in the campaign. The chart below is from the back end of HubSpot which holds all of the analytical data a client could ever ask for.

Inbound Marketing Case Studies: A Clients Quick ROIHoffman has also been impressed with how quickly some of the methods produce results. For instance, after a recent email promoting one of their offers went out to the mailing list, Hoffman said he received several leads that resulted in four proposals. All from one email.

GHA was even featured in the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce newsletter, highlighting the "Top 10 Land Surveying Disasters to Avoid" Ebook as a valuable resource under their member news.

This is only goes to show how far one offer or one blog article can go in an effort to expand your reach and generate leads.

Inbound Marketing Case Studies: Need Leads?

Looking to see these same kinds of results from your website? if you're interested in learning how to generate more traffic and leads from your website, give us a call at IMPACT and learn how we can help!

Proving the ROI from Inbound Marketing

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