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HubSpot Ventures Wants to Help Businesses “Grow Better” With $30 Million Investment Fund

HubSpot Ventures Wants to Help Businesses “Grow Better” With $30 Million Investment Fund Blog Feature

Karisa Egan

Director of Digital Sales and Marketing Coaching, 5+ Years of Client Success and Project Management

December 13th, 2018 min read

HubSpot Venture Wants to Help Businesses “Grow Better” With $30 Million Investment Fund

In a very casual Instagram post, this week, HubSpot announced that its launching HubSpot Ventures, “a new $30 million investment fund for startups that align with HubSpot’s mission to help millions of organizations grow better.”

This exciting new business move will support seed, Series A, and Series B rounds, and some Series C rounds, but HubSpot Ventures won’t be like your typical venture funding.

The company doesn’t want to just focus on giving startups money, they want to focus on relationships.

Andrew Lindsay, HubSpot's VP of Business and Corporate Development, says “We wanted to help companies grow bigger, but we also wanted them to grow better.”

With the funding, you’ll also gain access to a leadership advisor, a discounted rate for HubSpot, and access to special events for you to learn more about growing better.

More Opportunities for Marketers

The only requirements for businesses looking to apply for funding are that they:

  • Align with HubSpot’s mission to help millions of organizations grow better.

  • Have the potential to deliver unique value to the HubSpot community.

  • Are building a leading SaaS-based product.

  • Embody values in HubSpot’s Customer Code and Culture Code.

  • Are raising a Seed, Series A, or Series B round with a notable lead investor.

This opens up a huge opportunity for marketers and entrepreneurs in general  looking to explore a new business venture because you could not only get funding for your company but also gain a ton of valuable business advice and access to a community of already successful brands.

Having this type of guidance and insight into how to better grow your company is invaluable to those just starting out.

We learned this at IMPACT, first-hand.

When you’re growing your company, it’s not just about money it’s about having the right process, leadership, skills, and culture within your organization to deliver good work and achieve your goals.

HubSpot knows how important that is, which is why they focus on helping you grow better, not just grow bigger.

It’s also a great opportunity for those in a marketing role at a start-up to push for because they could  gain support to help grow their efforts.

What Does This Mean for Current HubSpot Customers?

With the announcement of HubSpot Ventures, current customers took the internet to respond to the news.

When HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan tweeted about the news, he received overwhelming support.

One person specifically asked how this will affect current customers saying “ There will be more applications that will slickly integrate into your HubSpot portal in new and powerful ways.”

While HubSpot hasn’t given any other information on how this may affect current customers since these startups will be given access to HubSpot events, this definitely helps expand the company’s already impressive network/community.

With new start-ups, HubSpot users and partners will likely have been more opportunities to network, connect, and learn from great minds that can help them grow their businesses

If you’re interested in learning more or even applying for funding check out the HubSpot Ventures site and let us know your thoughts on the new direction for the company.

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