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HubSpot Ventures, Lead Status vs. Lifecycle Stage, and RIP Content Strategy Tool [Hubcast 208]

HubSpot Ventures, Lead Status vs. Lifecycle Stage, and RIP Content Strategy Tool [Hubcast 208] Blog Feature

Carina Duffy

Director of HubSpot Training, Co-Host of the Hubcast, INBOUND Speaker, Certified HubSpot Trainer, Retains 10 HubSpot Certifications

January 10th, 2019 min read

This episode of the Hubcast is brought to you by Aircall.

Hubspot Ventures is now funding startups that are creating technologies that will integrate with their tools. They’re positioning this as “giving back,” but we also think there’s some smart business going on here!

In other HubSpot related news - Mark Kilens, VP and founder of HubSpot Academy, announced this week that he is leaving HubSpot after 8.5 years and will be starting as Drift’s VP of Content and Community. Hmm...

Property of the Week: Sales Property Series

Lead Status

Remember: These are contact properties that are populated when you’re using the Sales tools! If you’re not using the sales tools consistently or properly, these properties may end up with incorrect or skewed data.

“A contact and company property that indicates where a contact or company is within a buying cycle as a lead.”

What’s the difference between Lead Status and Lifecycle Stage?

Think: marketing/sales funnel (lifecycle stage) vs. buying cycle (lead status).

Lifecycle Stage cannot be changed or customized. Lead Status can be changed or customized with statuses specific to your sales process. The out-of-the-box Lead Status Properties are:

  • New

  • Open

  • In Progress

  • Open Deal

  • Unqualified

  • Attempted to Contact

  • Connected

  • Bad Timing

What does it really do? It helps you track your SQL’s and opportunities better!

What’s on Marcus’ Mind

Marcus was recently on a website where every sentence started with or was centered around WE.

Think “We do this, look at us, here’s our value,” rather than speaking to prospects’ pains and challenges.

And oh, do we have thoughts!

HubSpot Wishlist: Company and contact info mandatory to create a DEAL

“I am just starting with Deals and I have an issue regarding the mandatory properties to create a deal.

When creating a deal, I want my team to record the company and the contact associated with the deal - in other words, I'd like both pieces of information to be mandatory to create a deal. Today this is not possible.

It seems like a no brainer to ensure team are never missing basic information in a deal.”


Vote it Up!

I recently worked with a company whose sales reps were not consistently associating deals with contacts and companies, and let me tell you, that makes it incredibly difficult to do proper reporting!

This Episode’s Sponsor: Aircall

I sat down with Aircall's VP of Marketing, Jeff Reekers, recently to talk about how he got to Aircall (spoiler alert: he was a customer first!) and what Aircall is doing to make sales and service reps lives easier.

Watch the full interview here:



Visit to learn more, or to start a 7-day free trial!

HubSpot Updates

Now Live, Zoom for HubSpot brings video meetings into the CRM and Meetings Tool.

“You can now add a Zoom video meeting link as the default option for any meeting you schedule with the HubSpot meetings tool and select Zoom as the conference option when scheduling a meeting with a contact in the HubSpot CRM.”Learn More

Content Strategy is now called SEO

“Marketers know that SEO is the core of a good Inbound marketing strategy. As it stands today, we understand that it’s not easy to find where to “do SEO” in HubSpot.

For this reason, we've renamed content strategy to SEO. No functionality is changing, just the name and the navigation. This change will help bring simplicity and clarity to the tool that helps you get more traffic from organic search.”

Learn More

Liz Murphy isn’t thrilled about this one. See why.

Better Automate Deal, Company, and Ticket Processes with Workflow Re-Enrollment

“With today's change, you can now create re-enrollment criteria for all workflow types. That means less manual work and time back in your team's day.

Ready to set up your re-enrollment criteria?

In any new or existing deal, ticket, or company-based workflow, expand the enrollment criteria, and you’ll see the “re-enrollment” tab. You can switch it on, which by default will allow manual re-enrollment. If you'd like to create custom re-enrollment criteria, do so using the checkboxes below.”

Learn More

Until Next Time

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Until next time. This is Carina Duffy & Marcus Sheridan saying to you, go out into the world and do some happy HubSpotting!

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