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By: John Bonini on January 3rd, 2013

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HubSpot Integration & Inbound Marketing Helps Tutoring Company Increase Traffic By 200%

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HubSpot Integration & Inbound MarketingProviding academic tutoring services ranging from pre-k through high school, Chicago Academic prides itself on offering a personalized learning experience for its students.

Their tutors have studied, taught, or trained at America’s premier colleges and universities, attained graduate-level educations, and scored among the highest on national standardized exams.

Working with students throughout the Chicago area, Chicago Academic works with a wide variety of schools, whether they are private, public, parochial, charter, or magnet.

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When and why did they hire IMPACT?

Owners Gil and Carrie Gibori came to IMPACT in July of 2012 already having engaged with HubSpot’s inbound marketing software.

Overwhelmed at the amount of work and resources it would take to implement a successful campaign using the software, they looking for help.

As an up-and-coming academic tutoring service, Gil and Carrie had limited resources and a small marketing budget at the outset, but needed quick, significant results in order to compete in the market.

What did IMPACT do?

Chicago Academic came to IMPACT with an underperforming website and overall marketing strategy. To make matters more complicated, they needed a very quick turnaround.

Within a very short time frame, IMPACT utilized HubSpot integration and migrated their old website to the HubSpot CMS, transforming their entire website experience to be more powerful and lead generating. Complete with attractive offers and calls-to-action that drove visitors to landing pages where they could access these offers, the opportunities for lead conversions increased drastically.

HubSpot Integration & Inbound Marketing Helps Tutoring Company Increase Traffic By 200%

IMPACT also implemented a content strategy that focused on consistent blogging, premium content creation, and search engine optimization in order to increase their search engine visibility.  With Gil and Carrie’s educational background they provided all written content for blogs and premium content offers regarding the academic field.

The blogs focused on both educating and preparing families for the various challenges facing their children throughout their entire academic careers, from pre-k all the way up through college entrance exams.

HubSpot Integration & Inbound Marketing Helps Tutoring Company Increase Traffic By 200%

In a very short time frame, IMPACT provided:

  • A lead generating website; featuring calls-to-action and landing pages that promote their offers and convert website visitors into leads
  • An optimized content strategy
  • Keyword-research and analysis to increase search engine visibility

With powerful new website and overhauled organic strategy, Chicago Academic underwent a complete inbound marketing transformation, ensuring an online presence that performed at a very high level.


With a new content strategy fully optimized for the search engines, Chicago Academic began driving more traffic in a relatively short period of time.

As the chart below shows, direct, referral, and the all-important organic traffic all increased during the first four months of implementing an inbound marketing campaign.

HubSpot Integration & Inbound Marketing Helps Tutoring Company Increase Traffic By 200%

While direct traffic is important to the overall performance of your website, referral and organic visitors are extremely critical in the success of your company.

Referral visitors are attained through other websites or people having shared links to your website or content, and as a result, generated click throughs back to your website.

Organic visitors found you in the search engines.

While Chicago Academic’s website was driving traffic throughout the later months of the summer, it wasn’t until fall that the newly designed, lead generating website was put into effect.

The chart below details the number of leads generated in just the first two months of the new site launch.

HubSpot Integration & Inbound Marketing Helps Tutoring Company Increase Traffic By 200%

As you can see, their strength is leads generated organically, a direct result of a successfully optimized content strategy.

While results continue to improve, Chicago Academic is set up perfectly going into 2013 with a more powerful, lead generating marketing campaign, a stark contrast from where they were going into 2012.

Interested in seeing these same kind of results for your company? By scheduling a free marketing consultation, one of our experts will help to analyze your current website and  offer significant, actionable solutions to improve your marketing campaign.

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About John Bonini

As the Marketing Director of IMPACT from 2013-May 2015, John lead the IMPACT marketing team. He also wrote for the HubSpot Blog, Social Media Examiner, and Convince & Convert among others. In his free time, John enjoys playing guitar, high-fives, and anything with marinara sauce.

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