By: George Thomas

on June 16th, 2016

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Hubcast 97: HubSpot Training, Analyzing Data, & WOW Event Blog Feature Subscribe

By: George Thomas

 on June 16th, 2016

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Hubcast 97: HubSpot Training, Analyzing Data, & WOW Event

The Hubcast

Welcome back to The Hubcast, folks: A weekly podcast all about HubSpot news, tips, and tricks. Please also note the extensive show notes below, including some new HubSpot video tutorials created by George Thomas.

This episode of the Hubcast is brought to you by our awesome sponsor The Seventh Sense.

HubSpot Strategy

Analyzing, Accepting & Acting on your data

You have to have clean data.

You have to accept your data.

You have to test your data.

But to do any of that, you have to create a habit of looking at and using the data.

Ask yourself, how long do you spend creating reports and then using the data in them to make smart choices moving forward.

  • Make time
  • Make it a priority

A modern marketer Flow: Test - Results - Insight - Test

HubSpot Training Webinar:

Agency Spotlight

Screenshot 2016-06-16 10.09.05

Agency: Manobyte
Founder: Kevin Dean
Twitter: @kevinjdean & manobyte

  • They have the best mobile first menu I have ever seen.
  • The home page design is just ridiculous
    Video background
    Button motions
    Page slide display
    Soft shadows and borders on hovers
  • HubSpot Menu is on point!
  • Who we help page
    Tech Companies
    ShorteTel Partners

If you are a dairy farmer in Nebraska… no need to contact them.

HubSpot Updates/News

Edit Your Automated Blog & RSS Emails within HubSpot

Automated emails that are sent from your blog, or RSS feed, are a reflection of your brand. Now you can put your best foot forward and edit these emails directly within HubSpot.


Starting today you can now edit and format any automated blog, and RSS emails being sent through HubSpot just like you do with any other email.

To start, go into Email,select RSS emails, and then just choose which one to edit.

Next you can:

  • Automate Blog & RSS Email Appearance. Change colors of tokens, add or remove tokens and customize the length and appearance of the email to match your brand.
  • Choose the Number of Posts to Display. Easily change the number of posts that are displayed and how images show up for each of the posts.

Want to explore the new Blog & RSS email editor? Head over to your Blog or RSS email to get started now.

HubSpot Wish List

Zach Holloway - Bulk Uploading for Facebook

The bulk upload feature for social publishing is a GREAT one that saves A LOT of time, but I wish it was available for other social media channels, at least Facebook.

Not all businesses/companies have leads or customers that are primarily on Twitter, meaning their social strategy could involve more Facebook posts than tweets. It's a bummer to have a great list of Facebook posts for sharing and then have to manually enter those messages.

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HubSpot Tips & Tricks

This week’s HubSpot training videos go in a couple different ways. One is about helping your team share content in a better way and the other is about helping them segment and track the marketing and sales funnel better.

  • HubSpot Training: How to use the HubSpot tracking url builder
  • HubSpot Training: How to create HubSpot custom properties to help your sales team

HubSpot Tweets of the Week

Question of the Week

When is the next WOW event? I want to bring some of my team members to it when and wherever it is. #HelpABrotherOut

This episode of the Hubcast has been brought to you by our awesome sponsor The Seventh Sense.

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