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Hubcast 19: Disarming Your Prospects, Leads & Customers with Content

Hubcast 19: Disarming Your Prospects, Leads & Customers with Content Blog Feature

December 2nd, 2014 min read

Welcome back to The Hubcast folks, a weekly podcast all about HubSpot news, tips, and tricks. Please also note the extensive show notes below including some new HubSpot video tutorials created by George Thomas.

Show Notes


HubSpot Strategy

Disarming your prospects, leads & customers

This week in the strategy section we talk about disarming your prospects, leads, & customers with your content. We share how important this tactic can be to your contents success.

HubSpot Wishlist

Merge multiple contacts in CRM

Often times there are multiple different contacts in CRM for the same person. There should be a way for you to merge contacts on the CRM side the same way there is this ability on the Marketing platform.

For example, I have two Owen Lars with two different email addresses in CRM, but really these are the same Owen Lars. I would like to be able to merge these two contacts into one.

COS Blog Author RSS Feed

The blog and tag RSS feeds are incredibly useful for implementing a COS blog - especially when the blog is designed with "non-standard" behavior. For instance one of the big things we are working on is podcasting with the HubSpot COS and the Topic tag becomes very useful. Make a topic with the name of yout podcast or just a topic called podcast and you can now have an rss feed for iTunes and Stitcher. However I started thinking It would be nice to also have an author RSS feed. Eg:

That way if a certain employee is crushing the content sound barrier I can subscribe to just their articles vs the entire company's articles. Honestly I can think of 4 to 5 blogs that I would be doing this with.

HubSpot Tips & Tricks

This weeks tip and trick is using the Blog Post Templates in the HubSpot COS.

Screenshot 2014-12-01 21.44.15

There are three types of templates you can leverage:

  • How to posts
  • List posts
  • Visual posts

Screenshot 2014-12-01 21.44.28

I walk you through each style and share why you may want to use them as well as some things you may want to think about as you start producing content with them.

Watch the tutorial

HubSpot Updates

No updates that are being release at this point but I want to take a couple minutes to chat about something we have not talked about on the Hubcast yet. That is the HubTheme that now comes with every new portal of HubSpot.

Screenshot 2014-12-01 21.49.58

A great reason you might think about building your site on top of the HubTheme are built in Custom Modules:

I am going to do some tutorials over the next several weeks on the HubTheme so our listeners can get more familiar with it.

Cool HubSpot & Inbound  Tweets


HubSpot Question of the Week

Walter asks: What are some key parameters for measuring SEO?

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