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Hubcast 172: GDPR, INBOUND 2018 Speakers, & Slack Integration

Hubcast 172: GDPR, INBOUND 2018 Speakers, & Slack Integration Blog Feature

April 12th, 2018 min read

In this episode of the Hubcast, we talk GDPR and who is it is important for or not, possible HubSpot and HubSpot messages integration, and much more.

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We welcome to the INBOUND 2018 stage:

Ava DuVernay

Ava DuVernay, writer, producer, director, and distributor of independent film - most notably having directed Selma, 13th, and A Wrinkle in Time.



Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer for X (previously Google X) and author of Solve For Happy.




Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, writer, MacArthur Genius Award recipient, and author of We Should All Be Feminists.

HubSpot Property of The Week

Days to Close

This is the number of days elapsed from when a contact was created until they closed as a customer. This is set automatically by HubSpot and can be used for segmentation and reporting.

Reporting, reporting, reporting!

HubSpot Wish List

Slack Integration with Messages (Chat)

From: Sean Henri

It's challenging to keep the Messages app open all the time in my browser. It would be amazing if I could be notified of new chats in Slack.

Even better would be the ability to hold the entire conversation right in Slack, with the option to switch over to the CRM.

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HubSpot Strategy

Chat About GDPR!

What is GDPR?

What does it mean and to who?

So what if you are a HubSpot user?

GDPR Readiness at HubSpot

"Whether you’re B2B or B2C, big or small, you’ve probably heard about the EU’s new regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It’s a new set of laws aimed at enhancing the protection of EU citizens’ personal data and increasing the obligations of organizations to deal with that data in transparent and secure ways.

The GDPR applies not only to EU-based businesses but also to any business that controls or processes data of EU citizens. (Learn more about how that affects you, here.)

You should know that HubSpot's entire organization is hard at work ensuring that their own practices are GDPR-compliant but equally important to them is helping HubSpot partners and customers, understand what the GDPR means for your businesses and build compliant processes of their own.

A big piece of that is ensuring the HubSpot platform sets customers up for GDPR compliance.

In full transparency, while the existing product can be used in a way that helps to comply with the GDPR, doing so can be difficult and involve complex workarounds.

Between now and May 25th (and beyond), HubSpot is fully committed to enhancing the platform to enable easier compliance with the GDPR.

HubSpot created this helpful page to serve as your one-stop shop for GDPR-related product updates between now and May 25th. They'll update it as new features are added."

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HubSpot Updates

[HubSpot Connect] - Socedo Integration

With Socedo, the most engaged prospects are automatically synced with your HubSpot CRM.

Socedo has pre-built social templates, a keyword suggestions tool, and more than help you make connections with the right audiences on Twitter and generate leads.

You can also use the integration for lead scoring, list segmentation, and workflows and in HubSpot.

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[Now Live] View Two Metrics at the Same Time with the 'Combination' Report Visualization in Sources and Pages

"The new sources and pages reports in traffic analytics give you a more accurate picture of how your site visitors are interacting with your content and allows you to quickly drill into your data, generate reports, and add those reports to dashboards.

In the old sources report, you could overlay your conversion rate on top of your traffic data to see how your website traffic was contributing to your lead generation over time.

With today’s update, we’re not only adding that same functionality back to sources - we’re expanding on it. Metric combination is now more powerful in two ways:

  1. Providing new metrics for comparison in addition to conversion rate. Want to compare your site’s average session length or bounce rate to how many sessions your site’s generating? Now you can.
  2. For the first time, you can compare metrics within the page performance report. For example, you can now compare page views to bounce rate to determine how strong your site engagement is."

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