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Hubcast 154: Authentic Authenticity, HubSpot Sales Pro, & Video

Hubcast 154: Authentic Authenticity, HubSpot Sales Pro, & Video Blog Feature

October 20th, 2017 min read

HubSpot Strategy

Authenticity In Your Marketing
HubSpot Updates

HubSpot Beta - Sales Professional

Your new Sales Professional features are here.

At INBOUND a couple weeks ago, HubSpot announced that there’d be some major enhancements coming to HubSpot Sales Professional.

If you are already a sales professional user, HubSpot has a special thank-you for you. HubSpot is giving you early access to some of the latest and greatest features of the massively-improved HubSpot Sales Professional.

If you are already a sales professional user you now have access to: 

  • Workflows | Automate tasks and seamlessly move deals through your sales pipeline.
  • Reporting | Get complete visibility into the health of your sales with advanced reporting features.
  • Predictive Lead Score | Prioritize your outreach based on a contact’s likelihood to convert into a customer.
  • Products | Products allows sales reps to associate a deal with what they are actually selling so that teams and managers can report on product-specific data.

HubSpot Wish List

Allow Workflows to specify deal properties

Right now Workflows can only be used to create a deal with limited options i.e. name/close date/amount.

As such, when our customers fill up a sign-up form, we aren't able to populate new deals with any information that relates to the sign-up. This can only be done at the contact level. This is important to us because we need to track various properties at the deal level.

We'd like for workflows to be able to have an option to 'specify deal property' or have additional fields upon creating a deal. 

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HubSpot Tips & Tricks

HubSpot Collect: How To Make It Stop Annoying You

What is HubSpot Collect?

HubSpot Collect is a Chrome extension that allows you connect the way you work, to how you work. No more having multiple tabs when doing content research or copying and pasting between multiple tools. Collect enables you to clip content ideas from around the web, and import Google Docs directly into HubSpot in one-click.

Why is it annoying?

If you have access to multiple portals it keeps asking you what portal you want to save your clips to.

Question Of The Week

Erin Carpenter: Any tips on where to place an outline for a video in which you’re looking directly at the camera? I’ve heard it’s good to place the screen directly below the camera, but I’m not sure.

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