Hubcast 150: HubSpot CRM, #INBOUND17, Academy, & Orange Boomboxes

Hubcast 150: HubSpot CRM, #INBOUND17, Academy, & Orange Boomboxes Blog Feature

Published on September 1st, 2017

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We're back with another episode of the Hubcast.

Tune in.

Inbound 2017

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Inbound Agenda

Make sure you are getting registered for your sessions. By the time you are listening to this, we think all of you can be registering.

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Hubcast Fireside Chat

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HubSpot Strategy

HubSpot CRM


  • Are you using it?
  • Do you need it?
  • What can you do with it?

Check out the HubSpot article.

Report the ROI (revenue) not just visitors & leads.

HubSpot Updates

Save Your Lead Flows with Drafts

Have you ever written something, then come back a few hours later and it's magically disappeared?

If your experience is anything like mine, it's likely happened a bunch of times.

Putting in a lot of time and effort to create a form, or piece of content then losing it can be frustrating.

Starting today, you can save a Lead Flow as a draft and finish it whenever you're ready.

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A Slew of New Features for Filtering in HubSpot

Views in HubSpot CRM are your best way to get a quick glance at a set of contacts, companies, or deals. They help you organize and prioritize your process.

Today, views are getting an overhaul, with a goal of making them easier to manage and navigate, cleaner to create, and more flexible to share. Here’s the quick rundown:

1. Views in HubSpot CRM are now called saved filters.
2. Saved filters are now accessed via a full-screen management area, rather than a small sidebardrop-downn.
3. You can now favorite up to five saved filters, which will remain pinned to the left-hand sidebar.
4. Creating a saved filter is now much more spacious. In addition, the five properties you use the most are now surfaced front-and-center when creating a saved filter.
5. Saved filters can now be shared with a single team. Previously, they could only be private or shared with all.
6. And finally, for the first time, saved filters are available in HubSpot Marketing, in addition to HubSpot CRM.

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HubSpot Wish List

Distinguish the types of meetings that are being booked

Submitted by Stemcounter
It would be great to distinguish the types of meetings being booked so that workflows can be built around specific meeting types.

For us, we use the meeting tool to book both demos and personal meetings but would only like to set up a workflow to automatically send reminders to people who have demos scheduled.

Not being able to distinguish the type of meeting in HubSpot makes this impossible.

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HubSpot Tips & Tricks

Let’s dive into the HubSpot CRM. We talked about strategy earlier now let's give you the technical chops to get it done.

Tweets Of The Week

Training on Facebook vs a webinar?

Scheduling? Signups?

Developing a content training framework
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Question Of The Week

We want to know ...

What is the one thing you have purchased specific for #INBOUND17? Show us pics, Tweet us!

orange boombox

Inbound Marketing Strategy Template & Example
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