Hubcast 143: The Problem With Churn & Blog Subscriptions, Shakr, BeastGrip, & More

Hubcast 143: The Problem With Churn & Blog Subscriptions, Shakr, BeastGrip, & More Blog Feature

Published on June 23rd, 2017

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Speaker pick of the week: Tamsen Webster

Hubcast Fireside Chat


DETAILS: Tuesday at 9:00 PM

HubSpot Strategy

To blog subscribe or not subscribe that is the question.

Should all companies offer a blog subscription or is a monthly newsletter enough?

Is Blog subscription behavior changing?

This episode brought to you by the HIT Workshops.

HubSpot Updates

An Easier Way to Unbounce Contacts in HubSpot

Emails can “hard bounce” (be rejected by the recipient's email server) for a variety of reasons. The email address or domain may be invalid, it might perceive the message to be untrustworthy, or a temporary issue might be preventing the email from being delivered.

Like most email marketing providers, when you send to an email address that results in a hard bounce, we automatically stop sending to that email address in the future. This helps us protect your reputation as an email sender, and your ability to successfully deliver messages in the future.

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[HubSpot Connect] - Shakr Integration


What’s this integration partner do?

Shakr is a simple web-based online video maker. They offer templates and easy access to stock images and music that help you make high quality, professional looking video that perform well in social or as social ads.

Shakr is offering 10 video credits for free for HubSpot Customers. To access the offer use the URL an code in this post.

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Sunset Software

Call Queue to be removed from HubSpot CRM on July 10th

When we first built the call queue in HubSpot CRM, the goal was simple: create a tool that helped sales reps work more efficiently and in a more focused way. Over time, you've given us great feedback on the tool, and reviews have been mixed on how well it lives up to that goal.

It helps a sales team call leads faster, sure. But it lacks the flexibility to truly make a sales team more productive.

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Wish List Items

Allow for more than one meetings embed code on one page

Submitted by amberfernald

  • Currently, if more than one meetings embed code is utilized on a single page, only one meetings widget will appear on the page.
  • For example, if four different meetings embed codes are placed on a page, only one widget will appear, but it will appear four times.
  • Continues to happen if each code is placed inside of its own iframe/cell.

Allowing for more than one meetings widget to be used on a page would be a great addition to this tool!

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Tweets Of The Week

Professionally Personal

George - Same food for 22 years?

Marcus - One stop light in the county?

Question of The Week

What video equipment did George use in Scotland?

Beast Grip

Inbound Marketing Strategy Template & Example
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