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Hubcast 140: Consistency, Frequency, Trust and Sailboats

Hubcast 140: Consistency, Frequency, Trust and Sailboats Blog Feature

Published on May 30th, 2017

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Inbound 2017 Event


Stephanie Casstevens

Hubcast Fireside Chat


DETAILS: Tuesday at 9:00 PM

HubSpot Strategy

Consistency & Frequency = Trust

What needs to be consistent?

  • Branding consistent
  • Story consistent
  • Content consistent
  • Team consistent

HubSpot Wish List

Please improve blog commenting tools

Submitted by Beverly

We are an educational company, and our blog includes in-depth articles about difficult topics. Customers often ask questions that require a long and detailed response. Can Hubspot improve blog commenting tools? We need all of the following:

  • Live links
  • Underlining
  • Bolding
  • Italics
  • Indenting
  • Numbered Lists
  • Bullet lists
  • Font size changes
  • Etc

We post this killer content in our blog responses, but it ends up looking so ugly, it’s borderline unreadable.  Thank you.



Exclusive Insight

Invite-only means we’re hand-picking the best marketing and sales leaders so you’re surrounded with like-minded attendees for an experience and content tailored to you.

Meaningful Connections

Picture the value of being in a room with people just like you. With over 150 attendees and approachable speakers, you’re guaranteed to meet someone who will help you validate the work you’re doing and gain a new perspective on marketing leadership.

A Darn Good Time.

Events get boring when you’re just sitting in the same seat for hours on end. We break with tradition, stacking each day with speaker sessions, breakouts, activities, and happy hours to keep you engaged and entertained.

Event Date:

August 1st August 2nd

(Workshops on July 31st)

Event Location:

The Society Room

31 Pratt Street, Hartford CT 06103

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HubSpot Updates

A Visual Refresh for the Forms Dashboard and Submissions Page

Starting today we're introducing a brand new look and feel for your Forms Dashboard and Submissions pages to match the latest design of the HubSpot tools.

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Professionally Personal

Marcus: Marcus shares a story about his dad and a super surprise that was a true blessing.
George: I had the chance to speak at two events last week in Madison Wisconsin and while there, I got to go to the Mustard Museum and it was awesome.

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